Back-to-Back Frustrations…

I had some time to think last night as I had to drive to Seattle for work after the 4-0 loss to Vancouver at the Rose Garden. It didn’t help ease the frustration after the second of back-to-back shutout losses on home ice.

Spending the day slogging through rainy Seattle traffic didn’t help ease the frustration much either, but I digress…

In the past three years, the Hawks have been shutout a lot…more than I care to remember, but these past two games have been especially frustrating.  Maybe it is the fact that goals weren’t hard to come by in the first 18 games, where the Hawks averaged nearly 4.5 goals per game…or maybe it is the knowledge that the team can perform better.   Either way, it made a long drive longer…

I’m sure that there is some soul searching going on in the Hawks locker room and I’m sure that Mike Johnston and crew are going to work their hardest to turn it around, but in reality…it’s only two of 72 games and the Hawks could just as easily turn it back around on Saturday against Seattle.

At the end of the day, the Hawks are 13-7-0-0 after 20 games, in the upper half of the Western Conference and have played more road games than any team in conference.   Things are looking up and the frustration I know won’t last as long as it has in the past.

Confidence is fickle and it is easier to lose it than it is to find it…hopefully the Hawks search to regain it will be short lived…

Back to Portland tomorrow evening…


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  1. I like your optimism, Andy. I feel the same way, as the ‘Hawks were scoring at will most nights to this point, then score 1 goal in 3 games (+ 1 empty net).

    I expected the last few games to be tough, as there were tough opponents – but good teams at least compete with good opponents.

    I’m worried.

  2. I’m equally frustrated by4 major aspects of the recent performances:

    Lack of support of Mucha.

    Lack of Hustle.

    Stupid fouls.

    and as noted on the forum Lack of a forecheck / finishing their checks.

  3. Kind of weird in the RG the starters for the Hawks have to walk all the way to the zamboni corner to get introduced…. Either the RG crew lays carpet all the way or skate guards are given to the 5 starters…. Dumb……..

  4. Tim, the carpeting is already there for the refs

  5. This two game losing streak is a blessing in disguise if you ask me. The Hawks are a young team and early success led to some bad habits being picked up along the way, first rearing their ugly head in Everett several Sundays ago and becoming more and more prevalent as time has gone on.

    If kept in the correct perspective, which I think will be the case with what I believe is one of the best coaching staffs in the WHL, this unusually painful 2 game losing streak will be used as a great catalyst for some changes that are far more overdue than just in the last five days.

    An already hungry team feeding off the first respectable crowd of the season this Saturday coupled with a Seattle team that matches up rather poorly with the Hawks SHOULD give them a nice lift going into a nice, six day break. Bad habits are hard to break, but I can’t think of a better environment in which to do it.

  6. This game was very disappointing on many levels. Letting Vancouver run your goalie, and manhandle you in both ends of the ice — without some response?

    Again, where was the response?

    Teams are figuring out the Hawks do not perform well under a physical style of play and guess what they are going to see a lot more of

  7. Not all the way from locker room B? 2/3 around the lower warehouse? Dumb
    If I was a player I would like to skate with my team on the ice……

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