In Da Hat…

My view from my 4th floor hotel room in Medicine Hat...not quite downtown Edmonton or Calgary...but it is what it is...

My view from my 4th floor hotel room in Medicine Hat...not quite downtown Edmonton or Calgary...but it is what it is...

A brief travel day today as we rolled out of Calgary about 10:00 AM this morning and made our way East to Medicine Hat, about a two and a half hour drive.  One stop in Brooks, AB, for Tim Hortons and then into the Hat for a spirited practice at The Arena (as it is so cleverly named).

Oliver Gabriel finally got his release from Spokane and joined the team in Calgary yesterday and he will ride the bus with the team and travel back to Portland with the rest of us after the game on Friday night.  I had a chance to get an interview with Ollie at practice today and we’ll play that tomorrow night during our broadcast.

The drive between Calgary and Medicine Hat is, well, scenery challenged.   It is flat with little to no trees…don’t believe me?  See below:

My kingdom for a Douglas Fir...

My kingdom for a Douglas Fir...

At one point, I did see a group of about 20 Pronghorn Antelope a hundred yards or so off the road…which immediately put the song “Home On The Range” into my head which was immediately followed by me putting my IPod into shuffle mode of Rush to clear that musical tragedy from my brain.  It worked and we rolled harmlessly into Gas City (which they proudly claim).

The Hawks will take on the Tigers tomorrow night at The Arena…air-time is 5:40 for the pre-game show on Freedom 970 KCMD.

Lastly…one thought…completely off-topic…which hotel engineer decided that it made sense to put light switches for bathrooms in hotels outside the bathroom and not on the inside wall where they are in every house that I have ever been in?

Inquiring minds want to know…

I’ll leave you with the endless highway… curves... curves...

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  1. About the light switch outside the bathroom, it is the same in the UK where I am right now. My husband says there is a building code saying you can’t have a switch in the bathroom or it has to be on a string so you don’t have wet fingers touch the switch. It is probably carried over to Canada since it part of the Common wealth.

    I agree weird though. :)

  2. Andy,
    Thanks as always for your updates from the road. Fans at home surely appreciate your time and efforts. My girls have particularly enjoyed the photos from this trip. Still haven’t been to a game yet this season, but hoping to change that soon. :)

  3. Andy,

    Thanks for the pictures and the updates. It is so much fun to see and read what is happening to the team on the eastern swing. Your hard work is much appreciated.

  4. You should post a picture of a cat. Then you could title it: The Cat in The Hat!

  5. Actually, the lightswitch for my home’s bathroom is outside the door, too. Annoying when your boyfriend turns the light off when you’re in the shower, let me tell ya.

  6. Oh those bathroom switches!!!! We have lived in Canada and now we travel there frequently—those things are annoying!! But it is the LAW!! However, even more annoying is the fact that prior to the 90’s (I think) you couldn’t even plug in your hairdryer or curling iron in the bathroom!! Another law!! Most newer hotels have changed that, but not in homes where we often stay!

  7. Andy,
    Thanks for the great updates along the way! We’ve been watching the hawks on the WHL TV this season. Can you please tell me why the games at home look soo horrible? There is barely any color and everything seems out of focus. When I watch the road games those broadcasts are clear and very colorful, so I know it’s not my computer/ monitor. Please let me know who to contact about this issue.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. You can send comments to the Hawks office at The production will be much better from the Rose Garden as the technology in the MC is the culprit on the video from games from that building.

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