It was all looking pretty good last night for the first 19:57 of the game in Everett…the Hawks up 3-0 having chased Silvertip starter Thomas Heemskerk…and then it all just fell apart.

A goal with just less than three seconds remaining in the first period by the Tips Tyler Maxwell and the floodgates opened and when the buzzer went at the end of the third, it was a 10-4 loss and the Hawks have a few days to regroup before taking on Edmonton on Thursday night.

Of course, there is a little bus trip (split over two days) to get to Edmonton and plenty of time to reflect on what happened.  Or…to forget it.

It was quite the final two games to the weekend…the Winterhawks and their opponents combined for a total of 25 goals in 120 minutes and 151 shots…an average of 1.26 shots per minute.  Defense was not present for a lot of the two games, something that I’m sure Mike Johnston and crew will want to address prior to Thursday night.

For the record, the last time Portland allowed double-digit goals against was all the way back on November 21, 1999 in an 11-1 loss to the Calgary Hitmen at the Saddledome.

For the upcoming road trip…I’ll have the digital camera’s battery charged and will be taking some photo’s for the blog.  The drive up from Cranbrook to Edmonton on Wednesday should be a highlight as we will go through the Kootenai National Park and into Banff before cutting North through Cochrane and into Edmonton.

Hoping to have clear roads and skies for the magestic views of the Canadian Rockies…

Next update will be from Edmonton either Wednesday night or Thursday AM…

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  1. Have a safe trip and good luck to the team! GO HAWKS GO! We’ll be here cheering you on!

  2. Have a safe ride. Loved the Banff area when we went camping up there a few years ago. Beautiful is an understatement. Best camping experience ever!!! Cant wait to do it again.

    I see a Dallas Ehrhardt playing for Edmonton, is that a younger brother of Travis?

  3. Ehrhardt is actually playing for Brandon…but yes, he is the younger brother of Travis…

  4. oopppsss had the teams flip flopped. looked at the box score of the game going on right now and saw his name. just had the wrong team when i typed it out. me bad.

  5. Here’s another vote for a safe journey – Please take plenty of pictures and win a bunch of games – good luck…

  6. Safe travels to you and the team Andy. Remind the boys we are here and rooting them on! GO HAWKS!!

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