Contest Time…

aaa  Hawks win  0146

OK…all you sharp eyed folks…there is an error in the photo above…the first one to respond in the comments section with the error will receive two tickets to a Hawks game of their choice…(thanks to Randall Johansen for the photo!)…

Have fun…

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  1. is it not Boychuck wearing #17. Looks a little short/

  2. Hamilton was listed as wearing #1, in the photo he’s wearing #31

  3. Thought it may have been the decimal point in the FunkyMonkey ad on the boards…till I figured out that .fm is a domain and is the stations webiste address.

    Maybe the Hamilton guess got it right!

  4. I know what itt is. I’ll let someone else win the prize though.

  5. Hawks are in their home jerseys,but in Seattle’s rink

  6. Dylan has it nailed…but waiting for the answer still…


  7. Is it Boychuks socks?

  8. Actually, I think there are 2 T’s at the end of Niederreiters name on his jersey when there should only be one.

  9. Ding, Ding, Ding…we have a winner!

    Congrats to Eric for noticing what no one, including Nino himself, noticed for the first seven games of the season.

    Email me Eric at with the game you want the two tickets for and I’ll set it up…

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