Portland @ Kamloops…Rosters…


Goaltenders: Kurtis Mucha (starter), Ian Curtis

Forward Lines:

Luke Walker – Chris Francis – Spencer Bennett

Taylor Peters – Stefan Schneider – Tayler Jordan

Brad Ross – Ryan Johansen – Nino Niederreiter

Colin Reddin – Jacob Berglund – Seth Swenson

Defense Pairs:

Brett Ponich – Travis Bobbee

Joe Morrow – Daniel Johnston

Troy Rutkowski – Taylor Aronson

Scratches: Keith Hamilton, Ty Rattie, Oliver Gabriel, Riley Boychuk, Gasper Kopitar, Tyler Wotherspoon, David Watt


Goaltenders: Jon Groenheyde (starter), Justin Leclerc

Forward Lines:

Brett Lyon – C.J. Stretch – Tyler Shattock

Shayne Wiebe – Dylan Willick – Jimmy Bubnick

Brendan Ranford – Jake Trask – Matej Bene

J.C. Lipon – Mark Hall – Cole Grbavac

Defense Pairs:

Josh Caron – Bronson Maschmeyer

Zak Stebner – Brandon Underwood

Curtis Kulchar – Tyler Hanson

Scratches: Linden Saip, Dalibor Bortnak, Colin Smith, Ryan Hanes, Giffen Nyren

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  1. I hope that Boychuk and Gabriel mend quickly.

    Lets make it 4 in a row.

    GO HAWKS!!!!!

  2. Andy we lost the fed some where around the middle of thee 2nd period. Is this game archieved?

  3. OH MY GOSH (how I would have like to have heard the 3rd period and the OT)

    Way to go HAWKS!!!!!!! What a whistle filled game. Wow.

    Lost the 970 internet feed late in the 2nd. Could make the Blazer feed work. Relied on the WHL box scores but it wouldn’t refresh in the OT period.


  4. Way to go Hawks – a fun way to begin the year. KEEP IT UP!

    A separate comment, and sorry to mix it into this thread…at home, what the h**l happened to Tomahawk? Really bad botox on the bird has my kids scared to see him Andy, you talk to the front office enough, please let them know that someone has to put the Vicodin down, admit they have a problem, and bring back the old mascot. This new fledgling just won’t cut it in hockey…

  5. I listened to Andy on a circa-1970’s AM radio… It worked perfectly. Doesn’t anyone have “regular” radios, anymore? Sad! Anyway, great game for hanging in there and playing for the win, boys! Coming back in the third and winning in OT almost gave me a heart attack!! LOL!

  6. PWHFAN –

    Have plenty of AM radio’s. Some fans live too far away to receive the signal.

  7. Mark, Sorry…wasn’t thinking of people who live so far away that they can’t get the signal on the radio… my comment related to people I know that lost the internet radio signal who live right in the Portland/Metro area… LOL…

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