Arrived in Kamloops…

The team bus rolled into Kamloops about 4:00 this afternoon after an unventful 7.5 hour ride from Spokane (if you count road construction as uneventful).  It was a nice drive with great scenery (didn’t take pictures as I forgot to charge the battery on the digital camera) and just a little bit of rain.

The team immediately went to a park to shake off the bus legs with a spirited futbol (soccer) and football double-header.  Mike Johnston, Rob Gagne and I strolled over to the ice rink there and were pleasantly surpised to catch the tail end of a BC Major Midget League game that featured two of the Hawks draft picks in 2009, Troy Stecher and Brayden Low.  It was good action and Stecher and Low’s squad, the Greater Vancouver Canadians won 3-2.

We are now at the hotel getting ready to head to dinner.  I’m watching HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada for those not familiar…and, if so…how can you not be familiar?) with the Washington Capitals thrashing the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-2.

As far as last night goes…a great road effort to get the win in Spokane and this team continues to impress not only the Hawk faithful, but other teams and fans as well.  While going down to the concourse during the first intermission, I got a few compliments from Chief fans who noticed my Hawk logo on my shirt.

Make it 6-3 now…

The only downside was having both Riley Boychuk and Oliver Gabriel left with injuries during the game.    I’ll have more on their status on the pre-game show tomorrow night.

The Kamloops Blazers are on the ice tonight in Vancouver…hopefully the Giants will wear them down as the Hawks sit rested in the ‘loops.

That’s it for now…

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  2. Frazer McClaren got his first NHL point tonight on his assist to the Sharks first goal. On the way to the win.

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