Cougs In Town…

The Portland Winterhawks will finish out their first three games in three nights stretch of the 2009-10 season when they host the Prince George Cougars tonight at 5:00 PM at the MC.

The Hawks coming in off the five goal third period explosion that led to the 6-1 win over the Seattle Thunderbirds at the home opener.  It took a while to get the offense rolling, but once it did…Seattle had no answer.

The line of Stefan Schneider, Riley Boychuk and Tayler Jordan set the tone all game, playing phsyical and they got rewarded late in the game with a couple goals, including a premier power forward move by Boychuk to drive from the corner and slamming it home while holding off a defender.

The common theme of the Hawks this year has been balance and that continues as six different players scored last night.  In fact, in the three games this season, 20 players have hit the ice (including two goaltenders) and 17 of the 20 have at least one point.

Kurtis Mucha returned and was steady making 17 saves and picking up his sixth career assist.  Contrary to the announcement on the breakaway goal by Jacob Berglund…it was Taylor Aronson who made the long outlet pass to spring Berglund, not Mucha, and that has been corrected on the scoresheet.

I know its early, but its nice to see Mucha at the top of the goaltender stats in goals against average and save percentage and Daniel Johnston and Troy Rutkowski at the top of the plus/minus stats at +7 on the WHL site.

Johnston now has back-to-back two assist games and has taken over the team lead in points from defensemen.

For the Cougars, they come in off a 7-6 win over the Chilliwack Bruins last night.   They drove to Portland after the game, arriving probably around 3:30 AM.

The Cougars are led by 17 year old forward Brett Connolly, the reigning WHL Rookie of the Year.  He had a hat trick last night in Chilliwack.

The two teams met in preseason with the Hawks winning in a shootout at the Everett tournament by a score of 6-5 despite out-shooting the Cougars 62-26.

Game time is 5:00 and Todd and I will be back on our normal station 970 AM with the pregame show at 4:40.

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  1. Andy,

    I will not listen to any more games on Freedom 970 if they continue to play BDSM songs and commercials about enhancing erections.

    That was just plain gross.

    Do the Winterhawks still believe their product is family entertainment?

    I realize the content (commercials) does not come from the Hawks.

    The Hawks better straighten out Freedom 970 right quick.


  2. Mark,
    sorry to read your comments…and you’re right, the Hawks don’t have a say in the commercials that Freedom 970 airs other than those provided by the Hawks.

    I honestly haven’t heard the spots as with our set up this year, I don’t hear the commercials and the board op counts me back from breaks.

    Having watched a lot of sports on TV, it is not uncommon to see ads for Viagra or Cialis played during any sporting event on TV. I don’t know if these spots are similar or not.

    I will pass along your thoughts to the Hawks office as I don’t have any control on what is played.


  3. Lacking the ability to sign onto the forum again, I just want to point out to fans that Mr. Folwick used to audition and choose the anthem singers. I don’t know who does it now.

  4. Men listen to sporting events on the radio. The product BDSM is for MEN ! It makes sense for 970 and the product to andvertise where men have more likely to listen. Hey Mark, its not like Andy is reading the ad during the broadcast,,,,, this power play is brought you by viagra.

    I knw it is family entertainment, but everybody is looking to mak a profit.

  5. I saw worse (or better) commercials in canada this past week…people here need to lighten up, its not like you’re getting whipped =)

  6. While it is true that some people are without children/family (or perhaps morals) , the “bondage song” had no place in the Winterhawk’s time slot.

    Peace out.

  7. All I want to know is what happened to the audio rebroadcast on 96.5FM? Am I going to have to start bringing an AM radio to games now?

  8. Stan,
    because of the signal strength of 970 AM, we have discontinued the FM broadcast in the MC. We will most likely have FM signals in the Rose Garden this year.

    Sorry for the inconvenience…


  9. I don’t know about BDSM but I do know about National Anthems. I was embarassed when that woman did the Canadian National Anthem. Between her voice, rendition and banging on that big fiddle, I was suprised that Tyler Halliday didn’t hit her with a stick. My heart goes out to you Andy because you couldn’t get up and walk out.

    I was stunned by her version of the Canadian National Anthem so I didn’t walk out until it was almost over. When I came to my senses, I did walk out. I was joined by a lot of other astonished people. Such a complete lack of talent and sensitivity could only be funded by the National Endowment of the Arts. The person who auditioned and approved that woman should consider another line of work.

  10. I just realized that the cheerleaders weren’t at the game on Sunday. Guess I didn’t miss them …

    I will say that I would not have walked out of a game just because of the anthem singer. I arrived just as she started and from where I was standing (in the doorway alcove to our section) there were A LOT of people looking at each other with the “what in the world …” look on their faces. If that was an experiment, I would have to believe that it failed. Hawk fans take the anthems very seriously. We’re honoring the boys who come down from Canada to play the game we love and we honor our country with our anthem. Bring back Norita.

  11. I returned to the game shortly after the screeching and fiddle banging stopped. I was alerted that it was safe to reenter by the thunder of boos.

  12. I’ll say it again. The person doing the public address at the home games does not begin to measure up to anybody, anybody, that we’ve had in years past. It doesn’t discouage me from attending games, but he is just not the man for the job, period. As for the games, I agree that the upcoming games will be a test for this team. I’m not worried about how we’ll stack up. I think Spokane, and Brandon (with their goalie sensation), will tell us where we are. I’m still a little in the fog about where we are with Killian Hutt. I can’t believe that he didn’t crack our top 12 forwards. Is he in our future plans? Help me out.

  13. RE: the bondage song.

    Does no one out there know how to use a volume knob? As soon as the song started, I turned it down, and guess what? I didn’t hear the song that so many people are so upset about!!! Again folks it’s called the “volume knob”. It is your friend.

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