At the MC…

Prepping for the home opener…don’t forget tonights game will be on AM 910 KTRO in the Portland/Metro region and on AM 1390 KWOD in Salem.

Even though the Hawks left Tri City with a 4-3 loss last night, it was good to see the team rebound from a 3-1 second period deficit to tie the game halfway through the third.  A late power play against and Tri City’s top line of Adam Hughesman, Brendan Shinnimin and Johnny Lazo capped off a great night for them to ge the deciding goal.

Luke Walker got the hat trick last night and probably had two or three other great chances to bury it.  If the Hawks keep generating the scoring chances they generated last night, they will come out on top more often than not.

I thought the Americans played well, using their speed to create opportunities and they put enough pressure on to create chances.  Ian Curtis and Drew Owsley both made big saves at different times to keep their teams in the game.   Owsley when Portland was up 1-0 early in the second and Curtis’ with his team down late in the second.

Tonight, the Hawks take on Seattle, a team they already knocked down 5-0 last weekend in Kent.  There will be extra emotions with the home opener and the Hawks will need to manage those emotions and come out early with pressure and force Seattle to work for every thing.

Puck drops in a little over two hours…I’m ready…are you?

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  1. Great Win tonight for the Hawks ! I am a little disappointed on the attendence only a little more than 4000 in the MC. Nice performance by all the Hawks tonight. It was nice to introduce all 27 players on the roster for opening night, i was wondering if the were going to have to go 2 deep to introduce all the players. Bad enough there is 27 players, but everyone is 6’0″ or bigger, the big blue is only so long.

    Randon thoughts on the game
    – Thumbs up on the staff, everybody did a great job, except the guy in the T-bird locker room, who let the team out right before the National Anthem. Odd moments, when we want to boo, but not for the National Anthem.

    – I am a little concerned about the Power PLay. 0 – 17 so far and NOT a lot of great scoring chances, just shots from the point ,maybe jitters.

    – It might be a long year for the T-birds this season,

    Hope to seee more butts in the seats tomorrow nights game!

  2. Great game last night. One of the best home games against the TBirds I’ve seen in a long time. The only thing that I as a fan of this team and former season ticket holder can say negative about this team or organization is the ridiculous cheer/dance team in the corners. Going to a Hawks game is supposed to be a family oriented atmosphere. It’s tough to explain to my 8yr old who is a youth football cheer leader WHY there skirts are so short, and there underwear (Spankies for those in the know) were showing. And the way some of them were moving, suggested maybe they work with a pole for there other job. The organization tried something similar a few years back. I believe they were the Hawkettes or something. What did they last, the first week of that season, maybe even the first game. Point being, the dancers are not family oriented. And this was shared by majority of the fans in our section.

  3. I didn’t think that the girls added too much to the expirence. They were a bit of a distraction a couple of times. If they continue….fine. If they don’t… just as fine.

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