Mucha Returns/Spoke News…

MuchaThe news started trickling out of Edmonton yesterday that Kurtis Mucha was on his way back to Portland after an extended stint in the training camp of the Edmonton Oilers.

The Winterhawks confirmed the news today that Mucha will indeed be back for his fifth season between the pipes for the Hawks.

It also should be noted that his was Mucha’s decision to report to Portland.  He had the opportunity to try and earn a minor league contract in the Oiler system but he chose to come back to Portland and put an exclamation point on his WHL career.

Mucha’s career has been well documented with being the most recognized name on three years worth of teams that just weren’t very good in front of him.

It appears that the 2009-10 edition of the Winterhawks are a team to be reckoned with in the Western Conference and Mucha just may be the final piece to leading this team on what will hopefully be a long playoff run in the spring.  It’s early to have that discussion…but just being able to consider it now is a step in the right direction for this franchise.

There are now decisions to be made with three goaltenders and four overagers left on the roster.   Stay tuned for that…

The Beach is back in the U.S. Division…

The Spokane Chiefs made a fairly major move today, trading d-men Mike Reddington and Landon Oslanski to the Lethbridge Hurricanes in exchange for Kyle Beach, the ultra-talented loose cannon forward who causes more news for his actions than his play on most nights.

Beach, of course, started in Everett before being dealt to Lethbridge last year.

This is fairly ironic as a couple of Beach’s biggest battles came against the Chiefs, including the famous (or is that infamous?) Chris Bruton sucker punch of Beach in Spokane.

For me…I’m happier to see Reddington leave Spokane as he was a pain in the butt to play against physically and his departure may open more space in the offensive zone for the Hawks when they play the Chiefs.

The Hawks first game against Spokane with be on October 7th at the Spokane Arena.

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  1. I love Kurtis Mucha

    I hate Kyle Beach

    The US Division just cranked it up a notch – I can’t wait!

  2. If Beach came to the Hawks that would have been something….

    Welcome Back Kurtis>>>this is going to be our year!

  3. As I recall the Bruton knock out of Beach, I don’t recall a sucker punch. There was a scrum in front of the Chief’s net at the end of the game and Beach was pushing and giving face washes to younger and smaller Chiefs. Bruton skated up to Beach and exchanged words, Beach pushed Bruton and Chris popped him. One punch! A deserving punch but not a sucker punch in my view. However, my vision may have been obscured by the fact that I don’t like Beach and admire Bruton.


  5. I agree! That was no sucker punch! and according to Bruton when the chiefs played the hawks right after that Beach got what he asked for! I for one agree with Bruton!

  6. You guys are Right !! No sucker punch. Check it out on youtube. Chris Bruton vs. Kyle Beach. Uts great especially because of the great camera angle and the Spokane TV guy … ” its a one – punch knockout ” its the best.

  7. Not to get into a heated debate about sucker punches…but a sucker punch by definition is an “unexpected punch”…certainly Beach didn’t expect Bruton to punch him like that with his glove on.

    Or, to be crass…Bruton really punched that sucker, didn’t he?


  8. A sucker punch by definition is more than an “unexpected punch”. That is why the referee says, “Gentlemen, protect yourselves at all times” just before a boxing match. Merriam Webster says a sucker punch is “to punch suddenly without warning and often without apparent provocation”. I think that Beach never saw the punch coming (that is the beauty of the event). However, it was not without warning since it is not probable that Bruton and Beach were exchanging pleasantries just prior to the blessed event. The provocation began with Beach. Bruton only responded to the provocation. I know that some of this is circumstantial evidence, but we have all seen Beach play before.

  9. Beach totally jabbed Bruton – glove on – and Bruton let him have it. The whole thing makes me want to buy Bruton a Coca-cola.

    the youtube in question:


  11. I think the best part about it was Spokane played the next night in Seattle….. This still back in the Key Arena there was an enormous banner on the end that said “Thank you Chris Bruton” with a picture of the knockout punch….. Bruton of course was in the stands getting a kick out of it.

  12. Thanks Chad… for putting that up. I told you it was GREAT !!

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