Valchar Prairie Bound…

Valchar, RadimIt was inevitable that Radim Valchar was going to get dealt, the question was to where.

The answer came today with Valchar being traded to the Lethbridge Hurricanes in the Central Division.  Valchar should make his Hurricane debut on Friday against Red Deer.

Valchar is, simply put, a great kid.  Always smiling and working his tail off, whether it be on the ice or in the weight room.   He is a type of player you want on your roster and he was a pleasure to watch night in and night out the last two seasons.

He got caught in the numbers game as an overage import player.  With the addition of Nino Niederreiter (age 17) and Jacob Berglund (age 18), both of whom have shown their value already, it was evident that Radim, regardless of all he brought, was the odd man out due to his age and import status.

Valchar now gets a chance to be a top 6 guy with the Hurricanes and to hopefully lead them into the postseason where Valchar really wants to be.

I will miss the chats with Radim very much and I look forward to seeing him in Lethbridge when the Hawks play there in late October.

To Radim’s parents: Být zavázán tebe do naslouchání poslech až k náš relace.  (I hope that made sense…used an online translator!)

Štěstí Radim…

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  1. Radim has been one of my favorite players since he has been in a Hawks jersey. I will miss watching him play his heart out on the ice every night. Thank you for your time as a WinterHawk!!!!

  2. we will all miss radim he was a great player,he will go far. is there any updates about mucha

  3. Radim has been one of my favorite players since moving back to the Portland metro-area and buying PWH season tickets (thru the lean years). He was a joy to be around…always smiling & having a good time! His work ethic is beyond belief and to watch him play his heart out every single game was a joy. As much as I hate to see him go, I understand the numbers game – I wish him the best and he should be a STAR in Lethbridge! Onward and upward, Radim! Thanks for giving your best to Portland!

  4. This is all fantastic news!! As a Cane fan, I was a bit worried about the -36 +/- rating, but then again, with a 19 & 48 record, what can one expect? Here is to hoping that we can treat RV to a better year than our 2 game start would indicate. Glad to hear about his great attitude and work ethic, we will need lots of that… and good luck to the Hawks this year!

  5. As PWH Season Ticket Holders—We just want to say thank U Radim for your time in Portland! You will be missed. Keep your head up, you will go far.

  6. Thanks everyone for support in my last 2 season….Thanks for everything.Great fans I will miss you all.
    My parents says thank you too… And last thing is, that i will miss talk with Andy, you are great guy..take care…

  7. Sometimes hockey is more than hockey.

    Good luck, Radim!

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