Business Travellin’ Update…

Sitting in the mostly deserted “D” concourse of PDX about an hour away from boarding a flight to San Francisco for a quick business trip.  An overnight stay and then back to Portland tomorrow night.  At least I’m in First Class for this flight…

Some random thoughts as we approach opening night this Saturday in Kent…

— There will be an announcement made very soon about the broadcast information (both radio and TV) coming from the team.  It’s been an interesting summer getting everything lined up, but it all came together nicely thanks to the hard work of many.   The info will be posted on the Hawks website as soon as it is ready to be released.

— If you haven’t already, click on the link to the left for my new radio partner Todd Vrooman’s “Inside the Coliseum” blog that he just started.  He is starting off with a bang making bold predictions.  I’m not going to hold him back or make him watch some episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” because having a little brashness on the broadcasts won’t be a bad thing.

If nothing else…we are going to strive to be entertaining as well as enlightening and you won’t want to miss a broadcast.

— Both Kurtis Mucha (Edmonton) and Brett Ponich (St. Louis) remain in pro camps and it is doubtful that either will be in Kent on Saturday.  Mucha survived the first cuts in Edmonton as two other goaltenders were reassigned yesterday.  As a 20 year old, Mucha could sign a pro deal and play at any level (AHL, ECHL) in the Oilers system this season.

Ponich should be back with the Hawks at some point in the near future as he is an 18 year old and, thus, has to play either in St. Louis or Portland with no minor pro opportunities due to his age.  From the sounds of things, he continues to impress with the Blues and his presence will be huge for the Hawks this season.

Neither Mucha nor Ponich dressed for the first preseason game for their NHL teams.

— At last report, I heard there were quite a few seats available for the game in Kent on Saturday if you’re thinking about driving up.  It’s a short drive and a nice, new building to see a game in.   It would be great to see some Hawk faithful in their Hawks gear making some noise at the ShoWare Center.

Seattle got some good news today as Prab Rai was returned to the ‘Birds from the Vancouver Canucks camp.  Rai will be missing his old teammates of Thomas Hickey, Jim O’Brien and Greg Scott (not to mention David Richard and Jeremy Boyer), but he is always a dangerous player with his speed and skill.

—  Each year, the WHL broadcasters submit their predictions for the coming season and you can see the results by clicking on the link to Jon Keen’s blog over on the left.

Needless to say, I had the Hawks a bit higher than sixth in the Western Conference…(more like 2nd…maybe Todd’s prediction wasn’t so bold after all)…

— Speaking of Todd….does he need a nickname like dear old Dad????  We’ve bantered about MoPed (a more advanced form of Scooter), but that just doesn’t roll off the tongue…I’ve also thrown out a few, but those weren’t necessarily radio or family friendly.  Any suggestions???  Post any thoughts in the comments…

That’s it for today…next report on Friday…most likely…

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  1. “Razor” is a next generation scooter, and will probably roll off the tongue a bit easier than “Great-Aunt-Martha’s-Teacup”

  2. I think Scooter Jr. is just fine. But if you’re looking for something else, maybe “Skateboard” (a junior version of a scooter). Otherwise, it should just be something that comes naturally. There’s nothing worse than a forced nickname.

  3. Motormouth? V8 Vrooman? Shooter (like shoots his mouth off.. obviously sounds like “Scooter” …no offence Todd)… The Midget? The Rookie? The Channalyst? Hawk Howler?

  4. RAZOR!


  5. ScooJu…Scootover…Squawker?

  6. ScooJu? Scootover? Squawker?

  7. How bout “Harley” for a revved up version of dad????

  8. Hawkeye, Barn Yarner, Commenskator…..

  9. Zoom Vrooman, Speedy Gonzalips…Psyde-co Analsyt…

  10. Ok, almost run out…but may have a few more in me:

    The Verbal-icer or Vocal-icer? The Voice? The ICEolator… the AdvICEer… (corny…but you get the point)…the Rink Link?

  11. Oh oh oh, 1 more…. The Analicer! Ok I think I’m done, just forgive some of the typos :) Now back to the real world….

  12. A nick name needs to be needs to develop naturally. imo

    I’m sure there will be an eureka moment.

    Maybe during the home opener???

  13. 1 more from the pile… MICroskater?

  14. Orrrrrrr Microscooter!

  15. RazorBlade, Spitfire, IceChip, New Kid on the Iceblock…..

  16. Vespa Vrooman…

  17. I’ll be in Kent (vs. Seattle) on Saturday as well as several friends that I know…. Looking forward to it! Go Hawks Go!

  18. Can we please get an update on the roster moves to date. The first game is two days away and we don’t have any info on what has occurred with the European players, younger players, etc. The website is no help at all.

    Please don’t add to our frustrations.



  20. Vespa would be a good nickname Andy =)

  21. either that or segway =)

  22. Segway, it’s a new form of a scooter and is used by broadcasters right…………..

  23. Tooter? Toddler? SOS…son of scooter? Offspring? Icycle?

  24. Sprocket! Radiator! Torque? My favourite to date: “Buckhorn”….(u probly know its a style of motorbike handlebar plus “buck” as in “young buck”…horn sits well for an announcer)… dear God I need a life!

  25. Andy… time to start moderating your comments a little more, my man! =)

    Next time you’re heading to the lonely “D” concourse, give me a shout, I work at one of the establishments there.

    I assume roster updates/news will be forthcoming before tomorrow night’s game, but I was going to ask you can specifically comment on the status(es) of Mucha, Valchar and Hutt? Thanks a million! Looking forward to hearing the game tomorrow night!

  26. Enough Karina !!!

  27. Lol sorry Brian… creative types never quit…and just to p*** u off, got another one for you…. The IceSpy?

  28. Todd “Zoom” Vrooman… thats the one

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