Audio Highlights From Sunday…

The preseason is also a time for broadcasters to do a little practice…and on Sunday night my new partner Todd Vrooman wanted to try his hand at play by play and his dad, the Scooter, thought it would be fun to sit in the color analyst chair…they did the entire game and we recorded it for posterity….here are the Hawks seven goal calls with the Vroomans behind the mic…Todd and I may do something similar this weekend in Kennewick…

Not bad stuff….

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  1. I wasn’t able to listen to the pre-season “test drive” in Portland, so this was my first time hearing Todd on the mic. I was impressed… granted his color work won’t involve calling the play, he sounded pretty comfortable. Nice work, Todd. I look forward to hearing you two call the action this season.

  2. Todd did well. Hearing they play by play with Scooter adding the color made me relize how much i miss hearing scooter.

  3. What a welcome addition to radio game. I’m a forever Scooter fan and a brand new fan of Todd!

  4. Todd Was nice to hear, He did feel very comfortable behind the mic, but Scooter stole the broadcast. Scooter is and always will be the man, However, you can tell how proud Scooter is of Todd in the broadcast. Scooter, you sound like a proud papa, and well you should, because the apple did not fall too far from the tree. Nice work Vroomans, but Dean can sub in for Andy, once in awhile during the season, when Andy’ has other obligations

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