Quick Thursday Thoughts…

Been a busy week…some quick thoughts…

– I’m going to try out “live blogging” tomorrow afternoon for the Hawks first game in the Everett tournament against Spokane at 3:00.  If it works and is relatively painless, I’ll probably do it for all three games this weekend.  Tune into this site tomorrow afternoon for more details.

– Congrats to Ty Rattie and Tyler Wotherspoon as both have been short-listed by their respective provinces for the World U17 Championships to be held in Ontario just after Christmas.  Rattie is one of 31 players to be short-listed by Alberta and Wotherspoon is one of 22 from BC to receive the same honor.  Both provinces will select 11 players to represent Team Pacific in the tournament.   Seth Swenson is technically eligible to play in the tournament, but Team USA normally sends their U17 National Development Team to the event.

– Talked to the Hawks Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach Rich Campbell today and he informed that the Hawks have started handing out an annual Fitness Award for the player that does the best during fitness testing at training camp.  The award will be named the Paul Gaustad Fitness Award in honor of the former Hawk’s dedication to fitness and conditioning.  This year, Riley Boychuk  won the award with Colin Reddin coming in second and Stefan Schneider finishing third.

– The Hawks are planning on having around 30 players at the tournament this weekend in Everett…I’ll post full rosters each day right here.  Players like Brett Ponich, Luke Walker and Tayler Jordan are all going to Michigan this weekend to compete int the Traverse City tournament for St. Louis, New York Rangers and Columbus respectively.   Travis Ehrhardt will also play in that tournament for Detroit.  Spencer Bennett and Kurtis Mucha are also heading to camp in Alberta with Calgary and Edmonton.

– In the article in the Portland Tribune today, it talked about Brett Ponich and his program to add bulk to his 6’7″ frame…well, it worked…Ponich has gone from 205 to 225 since the start of last season.  Other notable bulk ups – Troy Rutkowski from 198 to 219 and Luke Walker from 174 to 184.

Next update will be from Everett tomorrow afternoon…

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  1. any comment on the rumor that killian hutt is no longer with the team?

  2. I have no comment other than he won’t be in Everett this weekend…but that was expected due to an injury recovery…beyond that, I have no other information.

  3. Hi Andy,

    We’re coming up tonight to see the tourney (will miss tonight’s games, but see the rest) – glad to hear you will be posting rosters – any ideas on getting rosters for the other teams?

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