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One thing that I forgot to comment on in my preseason game recap yesterday is that the game on Saturday was the first game for my new partner, Todd Vrooman, and I to work together on a game broadcast.  We focused on the game action with no pre or post game or intermission fillers.

Probably the reason that I forgot to mention it is that it didn’t feel like our first practice broadcast.  The flow was there and I thought that Todd added some great insight to the broadcast.  Can it get better?  Sure, and it will…but for the first time out of the gate, I was very happy with the quality.  It is always harder to do preseason games as the names are different and you have guys that you’ve never heard of, especially for the opposing team.

Hopefully some of you got to listen to our in-house broadcast on 96.5 FM in the MC…I know a few did as I got some comments at the game…if you did…let me know your thoughts on the broadcast.  How can we make it better for you, the listener???  Constructive criticism is always welcome…

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  1. Saturday night was the first I had heard you broadcast from an actual game. I had always listened from home. You are actually very good and right on top of the play. Todd was very interesting. Keep up the good work.

  2. Can you announce more goals for the ‘Hawks this year?

    That would be great.

  3. My wife listened to the broadcast and thought it was terrific. She said that you made the game much more enjoyable for her. Thank you!

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