Scrimmages End With Offensive Flair…

In what has been a week dominated by the defense, the offense showed today on the final day of scrimmages, here is a quick recap:

Game 1:  Team Red 6 – Team Blue 5


Red:  Spencer Bennett (3), Trevor Cheek, Joel Ridgeway, Seth Swenson

Blue:  Luke Walker (2), Cody Hoy, Colin Reddin, Adam Smith


Red:  Keith Hamilton 19 of 21 saves; Peter Megariotis 16 of 19

Blue:  Kurtis Mucha 15 of 17; David Jacobson 14 of 18

Game 2:  Team Black 6 – Team Maroon 3


Black:  Radim Valchar (3), Taylor Leier (2), Riley Boychuk

Maroon:  Marcus Dahl, Ryan Johansen, Nino Niederreiter


Black:  Corbin Boes 7 of 9; Ross Baadsvik (didn’t catch shots – gave up 1 goal)

Maroon:  Christian Frey 20 of 23; Ian Curtis (didn’t catch shots – gave up 2 goals), 1 empty net against

For the record, Team Hodge (Black) won the inaugural Neely Cup and they were presented with the trophy at center ice by Head Coach/GM Mike Johnston following their game.

Some nice goals scored today and the older players stepped forward, most noticeably was Spencer Bennett who scored twice in tight in the final minute of the first half for Red to even the score at 2-2 in the opening game.  He finished off the hat trick with a wrist shot in the second half.

The other hat trick on the day went to Radim Valchar, one on a deflection, the other a wrister, the final into the empty net.

Ryan Johansen and Brad Ross dropped the mitts in their game and had a spirited bout.  Johansen had the height and reach advantage while Ross is well…Brad Ross…like a pitbull.  Both got some shots in…maybe an edge to Ross but it was nice to see that Johansen doesn’t shy away from the rough stuff as a 17 year old rookie.

Luke Walker returned today after sitting out the first two days and scored a couple goals, the second on a great rush around the d-man on the left wing, cutting to the front and slamming it through the pads.  Great speed and drive and something he did a lot last year.

Tonight is decision night for the Coach’s and Scout’s and they will have individual meetings tonight with each player.  This will dress 20 guys tomorrow night and I expect them to keep 30-35 around until at least next weekend when they travel to Everett for the pre-season tournament.  Six players are heading to pro camps around that time, so keeping extra bodies around wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I’ll have the Hawks roster for tomorrow night some time tomorrow, but I would expect to see a roster of 15 – 18 year olds and the same for Seattle.  Remember, if you attend the game, you can listen to the game action on 96.5 FM as Todd Vrooman and I will be calling the game as a practice for us and it will only be available in the arena bowl.  No pre-game, intermissions or post-game…just the game call.

Hope to see a lot of you there…

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  1. Andy,
    First time ever to experience what the kids go thru for the week…sitting in the arena with familys from far away with high hopes as well as a youngster on the ice trying to be recognized for his skills aquired over many camps, travels and years.

    Fridays afternoon scrimages to me brought to the ice the intensity of the upcoming competitiveness of the 09-10 team. Some that stood out from my seat were Brendan Leipsic, Ryan Johansen, Troy Stecher and Christian Frey. I will keep the team sheets and refer to them in the future when I think to myself…….that name sure sounds familiar!

    I wish tham all the best along with the winterhawks.

    p.s. I wanna drive the zamboni !!

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