Tuesday Rookie Scrimmages…

I took in the last two rookie scrimmages this afternoon and evening…here are a few thoughts…

Game 1 – Black 6 vs. Maroon 3

Once again played in three 20 minute mini-games, the Maroon took a 3-1 lead after the first 20 minutes, but it was all Black after that as they scored the last five goals.

Goal scorers:

Black — Brayden Low (2), Garrett Vincent (2), Taylor Bargar, Frasier Haber

Maroon — Colby Rios, A.J. Michaelson, Adam Smith

Game 2 – Red 5 vs. Blue 3

The Red team was the fastest of the rookie teams that I saw this week and they continued to use pressure to create chances and they held off a good Blue team for the win.

Goal scorers:

Red — Taylor Leier (2), David Pieper (2), Brendan Leipsic

Blue – Ty Rattie (2), Danny Vlanich

Random Thoughts —

– The player that may have made the biggest impression (to me, at least) was the smallest guy on the ice.  That would be the Hawks 6th rounder in 2009, Brendan Leipsic.  Listed at 5’7″ 130, he was everywhere on the ice, throwing big hits, creating scoring chances and being a total pain in the butt for the opposition.   His goal tonight was a beauty of a roofed backhand as well.

There have been players that have been compared to the ultimate Hawk little guy pest Marty Standish, but Leipsic, if he continues his ways, just may rival the old #8.  My early prediction for a fan favorite if/when he makes the Hawks when he is eligible.

– Derrick Pouliot continues to impress with his poise and confidence in the defense zone and his creativity when rushing the puck.  It will be fun to watch him with the veterans the rest of the week and into the Everett tournament.

– Good to see Ty Rattie pot a couple tonight.  The first was on a penalty shot with a nifty move in tight and the second was on back door deflection of a Kyle Madsen entry shot.

– Same for Taylor Leier, both his goals tonight came on pretty plays in front of the net.

– The two Minnesota bantam draft players from this year – A.J. Michaelson and Jake Montgomery – impressed me as well.  Michaelson has speed to burn and Montgomery has a power forward mentality and size.

– Seth Swenson was on the ice and showed some good signs as well.  I talked to him a bit afterwards and he is deservedly tired after a long flight to Portland from Germany.

That’s it for tonight…the scrimmages start for real tomorrow afternoon with the vets and rookies combining into four teams with two scrimmages an afternoon starting at 3:00.  Hope to see some of you there…

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  1. Are you kidding me? Montgomery had three turnovers in the defensive end in 25 seconds. What game were you watching or is this just a rah rah blog?

  2. Clarification on “the old #8″…did Marty used to wear #8 back in the day or are you referring to Scotty Myden’s #8?

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