Ready For Winter…

Remember December?

Remember December?

Save View...80 degrees warmer...

Save View...80 degrees warmer...

I’ve been thinking about making the snow picture my desktop background on my laptop…right now, snow and 20 degree weather doesn’t seem that bad of an option.

Although, I’m lucky…the AC works great and while it is 105 outside, the house stays a comfy 74 inside.  The only person in our house who has exerted in this heat has been my daughter with golf lessons during the day and swim practice in the evenings…she’s young, though, and has handled it really well.

I will say this…if I hear KGW’s Matt Zaffino say “hotter than biscuits” one more time, I just may lose it.

On the hockey front, there isn’t much to talk about as we are now officially in the build-up to training camp in just over three weeks.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and play a little more golf (playing at Witch Hollow at Pumpkin Ridge on Sunday and then next weekend at Crosswater in Sunriver, so I’d better bring my “A” game) and get ready to spend some quality time around the rink preparing for what will hopefully be an exciting 2009-10 season for the Winterhawks.

I’ve been mulling over doing a “season preview” post, but that will have to wait until after my vacation in Bend next week with the family.

The Western Conference scheduling meetings are going on right now in Kelowna, so by this time next week, we should have at least a tentative schedule for the Hawks.  You can peruse some of the Eastern Conference teams websites and garner at least a few dates already – like the Hawks traveling to Alberta in late October, but the majority of the schedule will be determined in the next two days.

That’s it for now…stay cool, Portland…

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  1. On weathercasters …. I know it’s their job, but do they HAVE to report this heat wave with a big smile on their face? Makes me (as you said) close to loosing it.

    Who ever thought I’d pray for temperatures back in the 80 degree range. (Anything 75 and up is getting too hot for me).

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