A New Sidekick…

I am pleased to announce (in conjunction with the Winterhawks) that Todd Vrooman will be the new color analyst for all home games for the Winterhawks in 2009-10.

Jason Vondersmith with the Portland Tribune had a nice write-up on it this morning.

Todd is Dean’s son and is someone that I think will bring a fresh perspective to the broadcasts – one of youth and coming from someone who has spent a lot of his youth in the locker room and around junior hockey players.  He has spent time on the bench during games and can offer a perspective that not many have.

I also want to thank Mark Ertle for his hard work and dedication for the past two seasons and I know that he will do an incredible job as the new Executive Director of the Winterhawks Amateur Hockey Association.  Don’t be surprised to hear his voice a time or two on the broadcasts this season as he fills all of us in on what is happening in the WAHA.

This is something that Scooter, Todd and I discussed after the season ended and after going over what the job entailed and what would be expected of the person to take that role, Todd showed excitement and anticipation to get going.  For those that aren’t aware, there is a ton of work to prepare for broadcasts as I want the tradition of knowing just as much about the other team as the Winterhawks to continue and I’ll expect Todd to do the work necessary to make our broadcasts not only entertaining, but informative as well.

Todd and I will do a practice game during the August 29 preseason game at the MC…a game that people can hear by bringing a radio to the arena and listening in on the FM transmitter at 96.5 FM.  We will just be calling the action, no pre-game, intermission features or post-game show…but a chance to work on our chemistry calling game action.  Preseason games are tough due to a roster full of names that you’re not familiar with, but we’ll do our best.

After that, the plan is for Todd to be in Everett and Kennewick for the preseason tournaments and we’ll determine after that first game if we need to do more practice broadcasts after August 29.  When Scooter and I started we planned on doing all the preseason games as practice and wound up doing one because we felt comfortable that the combination will work…I wouldn’t be surprised for that to happen again with Todd.

By simply having the Vrooman surname, the expectations for Todd by some will be high, but given time, I think that he will show that he is own person and step out of his Dad’s shadow behind the mic and I believe that the pairing of myself and Todd could be together for a very long time.

Please join me in welcoming Todd to the Hawks broadcast team…we are both eager to get the season going and for what the 2009-10 edition of the Winterhawk will bring.

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  1. Thank you…thank you…thank you….

    Looking forward to the next season!

  2. Hey Andy – At this time, which radio station will be carrying the Winterhawks this season? Are the broadcasts going to continue to be on 1550AM?

  3. Fax…
    as of right now, 1550 is still the radio station for the Hawks. I’m not part of the discussions, but I do believe the team is looking into other options, but I haven’t heard of any changes as of yet.


  4. So glad to hear there is yet another Vrooman with hockey running through his blood. I’m looking forward to hearing him for the first time during the pre-season game.

    BTW, there is a mixed-martial arts event at the Rose Garden that same night (8/29) so be prepared for parking issues since the MMA event starts at 4:45 and the Hawks don’t start until 7.

  5. […] The Tribune wrote about the hire in today’s edition, while Andy has a nice welcome for Todd over at his blog. […]

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