Prospect Updates/Updated…

*Updated – Added Adam Smith to the BC U16 as I had missed him earlier…

As we are all aware of by now, hockey is no longer just a half-year sport…and some of the prospects for the Winterhawks are getting some extra work in this summer by attending their respective Province Development Camps for the top players in each province.

This is a stepping stone to representing their home province in tournaments like the World U17 Championships that Brad Ross, Troy Rutkowski and Keith Hamilton took part in last winter in Port Alberni, BC.

This year, there are 14 players from the past two bantam drafts taking part, they are:

British Columbia:

U17 (1993 born players) – Tyler Wotherspoon – D (2008 – 2nd rounder)

U16 (1994 born players) – Reece Wilcox – D (2009 – 3rd rounder); Brayden Low – F (2009 7th rounder); Troy Stecher – D (2009 7th rounder); Adam Smith – F (2009 – 9th rounder)


U17 – Ty Rattie – F (2008 – 1st rounder)

U16 – Adam de Champlain – F (2008 – 10th rounder)


U17 – Brayden Holloway – F (2008 – 3rd rounder); Tayler Thompson – F (2008 – 9th rounder); Corbin Boes – G (2008 – 10th rounder)

U16 – Derrick Pouliot – D (2009 – 1st rounder); Taylor Leier – F (2008 – 2nd rounder)


U17 – Jory Jastrzebski – F (2008 – 6th rounder)

U16 – Brendan Leipsic – F (2009 – 6th rounder)

Best of luck to all the players and I look forward to seeing them in the Hawks training camp in August.

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