Preseason Schedule and Home Opener Info…

As posted on, here is the preseason schedule for  the Portland Winterhawks:

Saturday – August 29 — vs. Seattle at Memorial Coliseum — 7:00

Friday, September 4 — vs. Spokane at Comcast Arena in Everett — 3:00

Saturday, September 5 — vs. Prince George at Comcast Arena in Everett — 11:30 AM

Sunday, September 6 — vs. Everett at Comcast Arena in Everett — 7:00

Friday, September 11 — vs. Tri City at Toyota Center in Kennewick — 7:05

Saturday, September 12 — vs. Lethbridge at Toyota Center in Kennewick — 2:00

Also, the Hawks home opener will be on Saturday, September 26, against the Seattle Thunderbirds.

Not sure when the Hawks will start, most likely on the road the previous weekend, as the Hawks will not be an opponent for any team in their home openers (which, as a broadcaster, makes me happy as I won’t have to find an extra 15-20 minutes of filler for the pre-game while the home team, as Scooter used to say, blows the place up).

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  1. Hey Andy….don’t mean to “rain on your parade” – but if the Hawks open on the road the previous weekend like you speculate – then they will likely be the visiting team for at least two home openers

    Have fun filling that extra 20 to 30 minutes of extra air time

    Sorry to be the bearer of “bad news”

    Hope you are having a great golfing summer


  2. Ah but Fax…the WHL listed the home openers for all the teams and Portland is not an opponent for any of the other 21 teams, meaning that if the Hawks play on the road that weekend, it will be game 2 for any team, not opening night…

    So there…


  3. Any word on whether the opener is going to be a RG or MC game?

    Hope the golf courses are treating you well this year, my friend


  4. Dan,
    they don’t know for sure which venue…


  5. Andy, I tried to use logic (which is not always a good thing when dealing with this league) and what I came up with is the Portland’s season opener is Saturday September 19th in Seattle. Portland and Seattle are the only 2 teams not involved in someone’s home opener on Sept 19th, according to the chart the league provided.

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