Back…and then gone again…

Back from the long weekend (although I didn’t travel anywhere) and getting ready to head out for a business trip to Vancouver, BC, for the next few days…

The weekend was pretty jam packed with a trip to the zoo on Saturday, driving range on Sunday AM followed by the Memorial Cup Final, golf early Monday with some good friends followed by the traditional Memorial Day BBQ…

The zoo was fun…a bit crowded…but it had been awhile since we had been there and my daughter enjoyed seeing the baby elephant.

My golf round on Monday was relatively unspectactular but I did post a season low 81.  I had a putt for 79 on the 18th green, but three-jacked it and wound up with 81.  C’est la vie…

The Memorial Cup…well, it was a bit anti-climactic after the opening seven minutes that saw the Windsor Spitfires score three times on three shots, chasing former Hawk Mark Guggenberger, and despite the stellar efforts of 17 year old Adam Brown in relief, the Rockets could never recover and that was that.

The Rockets had a chance to knock Windsor out on Tuesday and couldn’t…and the Spitfires didn’t look back, winning their final four games to be the first team to come through the tie-breaker and semi-final to win the MC.  Good on them…although I was sick of watching Ryan Ellis and his four minute shifts.  Great player…but he got on my nerves a bit…and he seemed to do the same to Kelowna who were always looking to give him an extra shot.

Michael Backlund did the biggest disappearing act in the Cup for Kelowna, IMO…and the Rockets relied pretty much on Jamie Benn, Colin Long and Cody Almond almost exclusively and it was almost enough.  It will be interesting to see who the Rockets have back next season, but it is safe to say that they will lose a lot.

From the deja vu department, the Regina Pats have hired Curtis Hunt as their Head Coach, after a one year stint in the pros in the Ottawa Senators organization.  Hunt replaces Derkatch, who replaced Hunt.   I wonder if they still have the nameplate for his office?

The Penguins have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final and it appears that they will get a rematch with the Detroit Red Wings, who need one more win to knock off the young Chicago Blackhawks.

The question of whether or not Marian Hossa made the right decision to move to Detroit and not to stay with Pittsburgh will be answered in that series.  Personally, I’d love to see Hossa raise the Cup while standing (and not being pushed around in a chair, ala Spokane in ’98), but it is awful hard for me to root for the Red Wings.

That’s it for now…probably won’t update from Vancouver…but you never know, there may be some things to talk about in the next few days…

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  1. I also would like Hossa to win the Cup; BUT I find it pretty much impossible to root for the Red Wings….BUT, then again, I am tired of having “the Sid show” gushed over ALL THE TIME! If everyone would quit their “Crosby-raving”, I could probably feel good about rooting for Pittsburgh! So, am in a quandry. I only hope the Blackhawks can make a HUGE comback – and beat the Wings! One game at a time!

  2. Hey Andy – A very respectable and solid score turned in – Although you should know by now that putts for 79 never go in as easily as a putt for 83 or 84

  3. I to would like to see Hossa win the cup, but I cannot root for the Red Wings. I nver have and never will. As much as I would like to see Hossa win the cup, he will have to change teams for me to root for him

  4. I am so tired of the Sid the kid show myself. I think he is the 2nd best player on his OWN team! just my opinion. As for Hossa, i would like him to win, but if the Pens win, does Hossa drop the Red Wings and return to the Pens? Lets hope not. Please Hoss: don’t be like Gary Payton and Kalrl Malone, and chase a cup

  5. what the hell Brian Malone didnt chase anything once again you speak out of you arse please do your research before you post a comment

  6. Well…. let me think… Karl Malone took a lot less $$$ to play with the Lakers in his last season. He took less MONEY because he wanted to win a ring. Karl took the mid level exemtion which was about 2 million.

    I do my research. Those are the facts !!

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