Catching Up…

First off, congrats to the Kelowna Rockets for rebounding in Game 6 on home ice and defeating the Calgary Hitmen and advancing to the Memorial Cup in Rimouski.

The Rockets peaked at the right time and surprised pretty much every one with their run over the Hitmen.

Kelowna will look to bring home the Cup for the third straight time for the WHL after Spokane won it last year and Vancouver captured it in 2007.

86298776CC062_Vancouver_CanIf you didn’t enjoy the Vancouver/Chicago series (especially Game 6 last night), I don’t how you can call yourself a hockey fan.  I know that Vancouver fans are a bit down after falling to the Blackhawks, but man, did those two teams put on a show.

Great skating, incredible offense, some mean streaks, big saves and big hits…it doesn’t get much better than that.

I am rooting for Chicago, mainly because of their many WHL ties, but also it is hard to root against any team in that jersey.

If Detroit can knock off Anaheim tonight, the Red Wings will host Chicago in the Western Conference Final and putting Marian Hossa one step closer to a Stanley Cup.

If the Wings/Hawks meet, I will be rooting for Chicago, but hoping that Hossa has a dominant series.

In the East…I’m sick of hearing Crosby vs. Ovechkin and I was hoping Pittsburgh would end it last night so that would die.  But, Game 7’s are always entertaining…and the series has been hard fought and I don’t expect tomorrow night to be any different.

Carolina is much like Kelowna, IMO…a bit under the radar and underdogs in just about every series…but, they keep advancing.  I like them to knock off Boston tonight and think they could do damage against either Pittsburgh or Washington.

Back to the Winterhawks…it is interesting to read and hear the reactions on the changing of the spelling of the ‘Hawks name.   Some fans thought it was clever….while others thought it was shameful.

In the end…it did get some people talking…and since when is that a bad thing?



  1. Andy-

    If Detroit falls short, it won’t really affect Hossa that much anyway… he’ll just sign a one-year deal with whatever team wins. Sooner or later, he’ll sign himself on with a team that’ll win a cup.

    As far as the Ovechkin-Crosby goes, one of my favorite tidbits about it came, as usual courtesy of The Onion:

    Lastly, the “Space” controversy…. I agree, when was the last time the Hawks were covered my media at all this late in the off-season?

  2. when was the last time the Hawks were covered my media at all this late in the off-season?

    What media? The only mention I saw was three sentences at the bottom of page 2 of the Saturday sports page. If that’s what counts for media coverage, I’d hate to find out what it’s like to be ignored.

    For the record, and I haven’t written about this yet, the space thing is meaningless. The only people to whom it matters are those to whom it matters. And they’re going to buy tickets anyway. Ultimately the same number of people who know whether Winterhawks is one word or two is only slightly smaller than the number who know whether Trail Blazer is one word or two.

  3. Chris-

    Good to see someone still reads the newspapers. =)

    I saw reports on KATU, and KPTV as well as stories on their respective websites (no digging, either, on the front page)… There was also a longer article on OregonLive, although admittedly it was basically a re-hash of the press release.

    Sure, nothing that is going to stop the world, or sell tickets necessarily… but better than nothing.

    Also, I’m wondering if the “Winterhawks vs Winter Hawks” thing might have something to do with owbership changeover. It’s not too likely, but I wonder if someone got cranky about releasing copyrights/tradmarks or the name when it came to change over the business license and registration.

  4. All the WHL ties on the Chicago Blackhawks does make it hard to root against them! It’s fun to see so many players I watched go through “The Dub” having NHL success. It was an incredible series and although I was rooting for the Canucks my allegiance has shifted to the Hawks for the rest of the way.

    I agree about Carolina – talk about a team peaking at the right time and sneaking a little under the radar – just like Kelowna.

    Can you just imagine if its a Wings-Pens final and Hossa’s on the losing side again? I doubt it will happen but what a story that would be.

  5. Carolina may have peaked at the right time but that bubble has been burst with the Bruins winning game 5 and 6. Going back to Boston for game 7 should give the Bruins some advantage. They have returned to the style of play that made them the # 1 seed.

    I am hoping for an original 6 Bruins vs Blackhawks matchup for the CUP.

  6. I’m so tired of hearing how great Crosby is – yeah, he’s a terrific player – but he still needs a team around him…. this is a team game. He was shoved down our throats before he even got into the nhl and I, for one, am quite sick of him. Give me Ovechkin, who has terrific moves and good hockey sense, any day over Crosby – even with his antics. I am disappointed that the Caps did not have a better showing in game 7 – but they did very well this year – and I will be looking for them to do great things next year. I am also hoping for a Bruins vs Blackhawks matchup for the Stanley Cup. My loyalties will be somewhat divided – but the Blackhawks’ jersey pushes them out in front!

  7. I think Marian Hossa might have set an NHL record at the end of Game 6 with Anaheim. He ran away from a fight with former Hitmen star Ryan Getzlaf not once, not twice…. but three times!! I understand Hossa is not a fighter, but if you are in a line brawl pick a dance partner don’t run away then grab another guy already involved in a fight, run away, then grab another guy….. I know you have to be a homer and root for a former Hawk’ but that was embarrassing… Even grandpa Neidermayer showed up for the fight.

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