Space: The Final Frontier…

No, I’m not talking about the new Star Trek movie…

The Winterhawks (one word) announced today that the space between the Winter and Hawks has “retired” and it will just be Winterhawks moving forward.

The Hawks office staff started this off by posting comments on their Twitter site and cryptic messages on Facebook late yesterday afternoon.

Lame, yeah…but effective?  Well, from judging by the number of email’s I received regarding it…using the social network sites to bring attention to your product isn’t a bad idea.

To quote Rush* (as I tend to do) – “Some world views are spacious…and some are merely spaced.”

* – The band, not the radio talk show host…well…duh…



  1. I’ll give you three guesses how I personally am going to spell it until I die…but you’ll only need one.

    Winter Hawks (two words!)

  2. Well, if we’re going to be stuck with an NHL team’s identity, we might as well spell the team name like them, too.

    Even the movie the team was named for had no space. :)

  3. I just thought the whole thing was clever, creative and kinda funny! Yeah, they will always be the Winter Hawks to me (I’ll honor The Space), that they put this out in this way is something I like. I applaud the Hawks for doing this in a humorous way.

    And may The Space enjoy retirement. :)

  4. The fans and the entire organization should be more concerned about the letter “W” than the “space” …. I would like to see a few more W’s in Winter Hawks ….

    like about 40 !!

    Brian in Sherwoood

  5. I think this is a great sign. If they are taking the time to concentrate on something like this, then clearly they have sold out all of the games for the upcoming season, and all of the sponsorship inventory has been allocated and activated.

    If they have time to do this, then all of the other things that they have needed to do to activate the brand in the market is complete. It would be the only reason they would take the time to do something so backwards.

    I for one am glad I got my tickets well in advance, so I won’t have to worry about scalpers and ebay because of the string of sellouts that are about to take place.

    To do something like this before concentrating on what really matters would be fantastically stupid, so I am sure they put what matters first.

    Go Hawks, or gohawks.

  6. Larry…
    do you honestly think that this is the only thing that the office has been working on since the season ended???



  7. Can’t wait for the 2009-2010 season to begin,so that I can use my four season tickets!

    The winterhawks are going to be a FORCE this year in the WHL!

  8. No I don’t think that this is the only thing they have done since the season ended. My point was if they were doing something as unbelievable as this – which won’t sell one ticket – they must be far along in ticket sales.

    This stupidity is not going to save this franchise in Portland, selling more tickets is and my point is maybe they should be focused on putting more people in the seats next to me (at last check, my entire row was available) and removing that “space” before removing the “space” in a name that nobody in the market place really cares about anymore.

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