Bantam Draft on Thursday…

I’m back from a week on the East Coast…with the Bantam Draft coming up on Thursday in Edmonton, I thought that I would post where the Hawks will select for each round:

1st Round – #1 overall

Thanks to the victory in the WHL Bantam Draft Lottery, the Hawks will pick 1st overall.  I’m sure they are getting offers for this pick, so it will be interesting to see if a deal is made like they did two years ago, when they moved the pick to Moose Jaw (who selected Quinton Howden) and the Hawks took Brad Ross at #5.  Here is the complete list of who has gone #1 overall in the WHL since the start of the Bantam Draft:

1990 – Darcy Mattersdorfer – Victoria

1991 – Adam Smith – Tacoma

1992 – Mike McBain – Red Deer

1993 – Martin Hohenberger – Victoria

1994 – Jarret Smith – Prince George

1995 – Chris Nielsen – Calgary

1996 – Steve McCarthy – Edmonton

1997 – Jarret Stoll – Edmonton

1998 – Jay Bouwmeester – Medicine Hat

1999 – Ryan Hollweg – Medicine Hat

2000 – Braydon Coburn – Portland

2001 – Kyle Chipchura – Prince Albert

2002 – Gilbert Brule – Vancouver

2003 – Jonathan Toews – Tri City

2004 – Ryan Kerr – Prince George

2005 – Colten Teubert – Regina

2006 – Jared Cowen – Spokane

2007 – Quinton Howden – Moose Jaw

2008 – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins – Red Deer

2nd Round – #24 overall (Portland’s pick)

3rd Round – Portland traded their pick (#46 overall) to Tri City in exchange for Brock Cornish.  Portland has the #59 pick (from Swift Current) for the Mark Guggenberger trade.  The trade involving Guggenberger was originally a 6th rounder, but there was a stipulation that if Guggenberger was still on a WHL roster in October of 2008, the pick would become a 3rd rounder.

4th Round – #68 overall (Portland’s pick)

5th Round – No selection – pick #90 traded to Vancouver for Phil Gervais.

6th Round – #112 overall (Portland’s pick)

7th Round – #134 overall (Portland’s pick)

8th Round – #156 overall (Portland’s pick)

9th Round – #178 overall (Portland’s pick)

10th Round – #200 overall (Portland’s pick)

11th Round – #222 overall (Portland’s pick) and #231 overall (from Lethbridge – acquired in a trade that sent an 11th round pick to Lethbridge in 2008)

I doubt the Hawks will take that many picks…but you never know.

You have to make space for all of the 1994 born players on your 50 player protected list at the draft, so there will be some player movement on the protected list that day.  Portland will have seven open spots on the list as the 1988 born players (Brandl – graduated) and the 1989 born players (Mucha, Ehrhardt, Francis, Valchar, Schneider, Kerr) are all put on a special “overage” list and they won’t count toward the 50 man total on the day of the draft.  (Brock Cornish is already on an extended injury list and he doesn’t count toward the 50 man protected list as well.)

If the Hawks select more than seven players, that means that they have dropped other players from the protected list.

For Head Coach and GM Mike Johnston’s comments on the upcoming draft and other topics, visit

To answer another question, the Hawks will host a prospect camp in Calgary in June, and I believe it will be the weekend of the 12-14th.

That’s it for now…



  1. Hey Andy,

    I’m wondering how many of those first overall picks ended up reporting to their teams? I know Jonathan Toews didn’t go the WHL route, but I’m not familiar with what happened before 2000.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Monika,
    all but Toews reported to the WHL.


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