Mucha Signs With Idaho of ECHL…

tsw_08_mucha19 year old goaltender Kurtis Mucha has signed to play for the Idaho Steelheads of the ECHL as they get ready to do battle in the playoffs.

The story can be found here:

Mucha, who is still draft eligible for the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, took part in the rookie camp of the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes in September of 2008.

He holds the Winter Hawks team records for games played, minutes played, shots faced and saves made in his tenure as a Hawk.

I guess it is only fitting that Mucha, an avid fishermen, would play for a team named the Steelheads…here is hoping that this will be only his first cast into a pro hockey career.

Best of luck to Muchs…



  1. Best of luck to Kurtis from Everett. The Silvertips often struggled to score when Mucha was in net, even when he didn’t have much help out front. He stuck it out on bad teams and that, from our vantage point, shows the kind of character he has. I expect that he is far from done is his hockey career.

  2. I’m streaming the game right now, and the pbp guys are talking about how, “Mooch-ah is ready to play tonight…”

    I suppose I wouldn’t expect them to understand how to pronounce it right off the bat…

    I for one hope to see him here in Portland for one more year, but if not, my Avalanche could use the help…

  3. Best of luch to Mukes! He is what inspired my son to be a hockey player. While we hope to see him in Portland for one more year, we wish him only the best in his hockey career. Mucha you are awesome – we wear out ‘Got Mucha’ shirts proudly!!

  4. Mucha, you were great on the pipes. You are my hero. You are the one who inspired me to start playing hockey. I am so thankful for the chance to meet you. We hope you go to the NHL – go get ’em as a Steelhead! If you become a professional hockey player, we will be watching for you and cheering for a shut-out. Your number one fan, JT

  5. Kurt didn’t get to dress for last night’s (Saturday) game against Phoenix because one of Boise’s regular goalies returned in time to play. By ECHL rule, that meant the emergency goalie (the college guy) was dressed as the backup.

    In an interesting twist, some of Kurt’s equipment did get to play on Saturday because not all of the returning regular goalie’s equipment made the transfer at the change of flights on his trip back to Boise.

    Kurt left for home on a flight departing 5:00 am today (Sunday) from Boise.

  6. Andy what is with Mucha’s and Gabriel’s PWH logos being photo shopped off the jerseys? Is that what new teams do when they get a player from a different team?

  7. Mo, the logo wasn’t photo-shopped off the jerseys. Their player photo’s were taken while wearing the Hawks third jersey with the bar across the front instead of the Hawk logo jersey.

    There were no alterations to the photo’s….

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