That was my comment as I caught Travis Green and Kyle Gustafson in the locker room after the Hawks 9-1 win over Seattle last night…”ho-hum…just another 9-1 win…”.  It drew a chuckle or two from the two Hawk Assistants.

After watching this team struggle to produce offensively for the past few seasons, often times missing wide open nets, it was fun to see puck after puck go in during the first two periods last night.  Granted, Seattle wasn’t at their best, but does it really matter?  The Hawks needed a win like that one…badly.

Calvin Pickard gave up nine goals, but stopped at least five other great opportunities in the third period to keep the score where it is at.  I can’t figure out what Seattle is doing with their goaltending…it is obvious that Jacob DeSerres doesn’t appear ready for game action (he didn’t even take shots in warm-ups) and that Pickard will be forced to play no matter what.

There has to be a goaltender in the ‘Birds system that can come in and at least provide a healthy back-up….right?

The only downside to last night’s victory was the knee injury to 16 year old forward Taylor Peters in the first period.  Peters took a low hip check from Chris Cloud with his knee locked and it appears to be a MCL injury with a 4-6 week recovery time.  Peters had dressed in all 70 games this season for Portland and was counted on a lot of nights as the go-to faceoff guy.

I talked to Taylor after the game and his comment was “I would rather get hurt and win 9-1 than stay healthy and lose”.  You have to love that attitude.

Brad Ross became the second Hawk to record 4 points in a game this season, posting 1-3-4.  Offensively, his game went through a mid-year struggle, but he is finishing strong.  Add in his physical play and you would have to say it has been a solid first year for the first rounder.

I will put together a highlight package from last night and post in on YouTube early in the week…

Same two teams tonight in front of a big crowd at the MC…lets have some more fun, eh?

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  1. When I saw this final score my jaw dropped, it’s been five years since they won by that much and eight years since they won by that much on the road! It also got me pretty excited for tonight’s game, which I’m going to. Seattle’s gonna be on edge and on the hunt for a little vindication; which will make for a good fast pace high intensity game from their bench. Plus the Hawks, just coming off a big win, like this will be confident, patient, and hopefully successful with their play; which will add even more excitement to tonight’s game. So between those things, the Hawks playing in honor of the buckaroos, the attendance tonight, and the fact it’s their second to last home game I feel like tonight will be a very good night at the memorial coliseum.

    Lets just hope they are confident and not cocky..

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