Tuesday Thoughts…

Greetings from the Okanagan…the cold, clear Okanagan where temperatures are supposed to be down in the -20 range tomorrow.  At least there is no snow and it was a relatively easy trip here today.  The most snow we saw falling was in the Chehalis area…

Lana asked in the comment section of my last post about my thoughts on the possible demolition of the Memorial Coliseum in favor of a minor league baseball stadium.

Well, I don’t have the answers to ease anyone’s anxiety about the plans, mainly because right now everything is just speculation.  Until a plan is approved and set in motion, it is all just talk.

I do know that the Winter Hawks are looking at playing more games in the Rose Garden next season…how many is to be determined prior to, and most likely during, the WHL scheduling meetings.

The MC for all of its history needs fairly major renovations – number one for hockey would be a new ice plant – and while it would be a shame to lose the building, we all know that progress has no patience and at some point a decision to remove it will most likely be made.  Do I think a baseball stadium is the best choice to go in its spot…not necessarily.  I would rather have a new major league ready park and a major league team.

All I can offer is…stay tuned

If you didn’t hear it on our broadcast Sunday night, Friday nights game broadcast will be tape delayed on 1550 KKAD due to the Oregon State Beavers baseball game being broadcast on the same station.  The baseball game starts at 6:15, I believe, meaning our game won’t be on until around 9:00.

If the game is rained out, we will be on at the normal time.

I’ll provide any updates as we get closer to Friday.

That’s it for now…

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