In Vancouver…

Sitting in the Pacific Coliseum press box, going to watch the Vancouver Giants host the Tri City Americans tonight.

A nice win last night for the Hawks as they knock off the Everett Silvertips at the MC.  When I saw the line combination of Radim Valchar/Joel Ridgeway/Colin Reddin on the opening shift, I tried to think back if they had been together at all this season and my memory drew a blank.

Maybe they should have been put together sooner as they were as dominate as I’ve seen a line for Portland pretty much all season in the first period.  A new line combination scores 12 seconds into their first shift…not bad…and the second one only a little over six minutes later.

As good as the first period was, the second period wasn’t.   One registered shot on net, and that was a dump-in from center ice by Stefan Schneider.  Granted the Hawks had to kill a bunch of penalty time, but still…the ice was slanted to the South end.

The Tayler Jordan charging major was questionable at best IMO…I was more disturbed by the fact that Markus McCrea came off the ‘Tips benched and it appeared that he slew-footed Riley Boychuk (or at least interfered with him) at the blue line.  Jordan then came in to give McCrea a shot.  No one will say it officially, but penalties are sometimes assessed by reputation…this may have been one of those.

Either way…it was good to see the PK unit kill of seven straight minutes of power play time for Everett, giving up no shots on the five minute major penalty.

Killian Hutt’s game winner wasn’t pretty, but it sure was beautiful, wasn’t it?  Brad Ross’ well timed lob shot of a pass worked well and Portland has done that play with success a few times this season…mainly with Ryan Kerr delivering the lob.  No one was more surprised to look up and see the puck in the net than Hutter (or Hutt/Hutt as my 8 year old daughter calls him).

The Hawks are now guaranteed at least a .500 home record against Everett this season, marking only the second time in their history that they will have a .500 record at home vs. Everett.  (And this is the first season that Portland went winless in Everett…go figure…).

Time to wrap it up….I’m looking forward to just watching a game tonight and the behind the scenes of the SportsNet broadcast…more tomorrow…



  1. I wondered what others thought of the Jordan charging call – I thought it was ‘absolute garbage’ – and I spent a good portion of the night letting Steve Papp know how I felt about it.

    Then, on the Erhardt penalty, he didn’t call it. It was right in front of me, and it was the easiest call of the year, and Papp let it go. Erhardt more or less choke slammed the guy, and the other ref had to call it from the red line, when Papp was about 10 feet away.

    Let ’em play, or call everything – just be consistent.

  2. Chad:

    All everybody ever wants is just be consistent. If its a penalty in the first period, then its a penalty in the second penalty. I attend the games, and at times I don’t who the penalty is even on. I am thinking the Hawks have a power play coming only to find out the Hawks are going short handed because of a “mystery” roughing call from the 2nd ref.

  3. Papp is like the rest of the WHL. if they have a date they let em play but if they have nothing to do that night they call all the tickey tacky stuff they see, some nights I think is the NBA where officials decide 90% of the games (or at least bet on 90% of the games) or is this hockey where we play like men and if your not holding or hooking your not trying.This new hockey they play is not as fun to watch as the old days when if you stood in front of my goalie you are going to get a stick in the back(not a cross check as they call it today) to say I am here and if your going to score you are going to pay the price! or maybe this holding crap when its called playing defense when some one is in the corner fighting for the puck and you use your body to hold them so they cant feed the puck to the guy parked in front of the net(you know the guy we cant touch)come on its time to play HOCKEY drop the gloves and kick his ass and stop playing tear two hockey and step up to the WHL!!!!! we need a Bigsnake with a great attitude and a nasty side to kick some but in the slot.

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