I think everyone surrounding the team is feeling it…including me…after another loss on the road where the Portland Winter Hawks suffered a lopsided score.  This didn’t look like the same team that knocked off the Kelowna Rockets on Monday afternoon.

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Sumner, WA, not having to ride the bus back to Portland tonight.  I was very frustrated in the first period and I’m thankful that the table in the press box at the Comcast Arena is sturdy as I pounded my hand off it a few times tonight.  The hand’s a bit sore…the table survived.

Would the game have been different if the Hawks hadn’t been short-handed five times, including three five-on-three’s, in the opening period?  Maybe…but we won’t know that.

This was the first game that Portland has had veteran official Andy Thiessen and it didn’t turn out well for Portland.   Nine power-plays against and often times Thiessen got caught in the middle of the play breaking up passes and slowing players who had to move around him.  Yes, I was frustrated with the officiating, but that isn’t what cost Portland the game.

In the end, for Portland to succeed, they need to have 20 guys going 100% every shift, every game.  That didn’t happen tonight…hopefully we’ll see a better effort on Saturday against Seattle.

Some statistical stuff after this one…

– The 10 goals scored between the two teams are the most ever scored by the two teams combined in the history of Portland/Everett games.

– With the loss, the Hawks finish the season series in Everett 0-5-0-0, marking the first time in the history of match-up that Portland hadn’t won at least one game in Everett.  (Portland has gone two seasons without a win at home against, Everett, however…this year isn’t one of them.)

– With the three goals scored, the Hawks have now surpassed their goal output from last season – 135 vs. 132.

– The Hawks are now 4 for 10 on the power play the last two games…I’m no math wizard, but that looks like 40% to me.

– Chris Francis’ nine game point streak matches the longest since both Paul Gaustad and Josh Olson had 10 game point streaks in 2001-02.  In Hawks history, there have been at least seven point streaks that have reached at least 20 games (Jim Benning – 45 games in 80/81; Layne Roland – 31 games in 93/94; Dave Waldie – 27 games in 85/86; Colin Foley – 22 games in 92/93; Jim Dobson – 21 games in 79/80; Dave McLay – 20 games in 86/87; Ken Yaremchuk – 20 games in 82/83).  There may have been more, but these were the longest in their respective years.

Time for bed…



  1. Like I said the other day “All I really care about is wins so heres looking to next season when hopefully we will play every game all game like I have seen a couple times this year” lets hope coach J can find a way to get that kind of effort every shift every game before this season is over. Its also nice to hear that I am not the only one who bags on the table when listening

  2. Andy,
    Unfortunately, this is the norm. And as we near the end of the season and while other teams are preparing for the playoffs, we need to sit down with the coaching staff and players and write a note to ourselves and it goes like this: DO NOT BE THE WORST team in the WHL for the 3 year in a row. This is not a good thing to put on the old hockey resume. Yes when you explain it to the next generation you want to write it like this:

    Yes that was a bad few years in Portland but we started to turn it around in 08-09. Yes, we finally got out of the cellar and were on our way to a couple of Memorial Cups in the next 5 years.

    OK that may be too much for this team. How about we write: we were a tough team with little talent but spent the next 5 years making Everett wish they never heard the name Portland Winter Hawks.

  3. Andy:

    I heard your frustration on the radio last night. I have not seen 3 5 on 3 power plays in one period by the same team in some time.

    I don’t think the ref will get Portlands vote for Best of the Rest anytime soon

    I know the Hawks scored on 2 power plays goal in the game, I just wish they scored them in the 2nd period before the the 5 minutes of the game, when the game was already decided.

    Lets hope those goals will increase their confidence on the man advantage.

    Happy travels

  4. Andy, If you would of broke the table @ Comcast arena, would you taken responsibility for it?

  5. Hey Andy and all other Winterhawk fans:

    The Vancouver Giants tonight begin a brutul stretch of 8 games in 10 days…..

    Lets see if the team struggles and uses any excuses.

  6. Hey Jim (or should I call you Tim?)…of course I would have taken responsibility…what makes you think that I wouldn’t?


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