Big Win…

I’m sure that the majority of the people that attended or tuned into the Portland/Kelowna game this afternoon didn’t expect the outcome that occurred, but that is, as they say, why they play the game.

The Hawks special teams that struggled so badly against Seattle on Saturday looked like a totally different group against the Rockets.  A couple power play goals and killing eight of nine chances against was one of the best performances by the Hawks special teams this season.

They often say that your best penalty killer should be your goaltender and that was the case today, with Kurtis Mucha making 39 saves on 42 shots to get the victory for Portland.  While I didn’t have Mucha in the three stars, he deserved to be there and I said so in the post-game show.  Sometimes it is hard to get all deserving parties in the three stars.   That is a good problem to have…it is harder when there are no players that deserve to be in the stars.

Jamie Benn certainly showed his goal scoring prowess in the third period with three very nice goals.   I can see him in a Dallas Stars uniform in the very near future.

As far as Michael Backlund goes, my first chance to see him live was a bit under expectations.  He showed good skill, but didn’t really create much against the Hawks defense.  I think he missed the larger European ice surface in this one.

For Kelowna, a tough return to Portland for Mark Guggenberger, getting yanked after four goals on 19 shots.  I’m sure he envisioned it turning out better in his head prior to the game.  Portland got into his grill enough to get a couple deflection goals and it was nice to see all four goals scored within a ten foot circle around the net.  Greasy is good.

Chris Francis’ two assists extends his point streak to 8 games, chipping in 5-8-13 during the streak.  He is now three points shy of 50 for the season.  When he gets there, he will be the first 50 point man for the Hawks since 2005-06, when there were 5 players over that mark.

That’s it for now…



  1. Wow Hawks win I was begining to think they forgot how to win so how many people went to the game 500 seemed empty to me i guess we have no chance to make 7 mill this year

  2. Actually, Chuck…the Hawks need 4,026 to reach 7,000,000…that should be achieved on Saturday.

  3. Hey Andy. First off, way to go Hawks on the win today. ‘Twas a fun game to attend.

    Now, completely off topic, the picture of Mucha from the Enterprise trip reminded me how much I want to get an Enterprise Eh?s jersey. Any suggestions on how to go about making that happen. Is there a number I can call to talk to someone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. It was a good game, and the Rockets seemed to have put it in another gear in the 3rd… It must be nice to have caught the Bruins and when looking at the standings see something different then 10th… today, 9th is good. I do not think the Hawks can catch PG for 8th, but should get to 40 to 44 points for the year.

    Francis, Valchar and Walker seem to have it really going, but I really thought Walker’s second goal was a straight in slap shot from Travis Ehrhardt?


  5. I dont mean to sound like a jerk but how is that possible we needed to average over 1700 fans per game to hit 7 million and I know that we have not had that many people at more than one home game are they counting road game attendance or we making all the staff buy tickets to the games thats the only way we are going to hit 7 million sorry if I sound negative but being a fan since ’76 ’77 its hard for me to stay positive when every time I get faith in the the new owners they do something stupid

  6. Chuck, not sure where you are getting your numbers or your math, but the Hawks have averaged 3452 per game this season…

  7. Too bad the 3452 is tickets sold per game, We all know if the Winterhawks or any other team actually counted butts in seats, or tickets sold, or paid tickets thrw the door that nuver would be a lot less.

    Lets go bad when we averaged 6k a night and almost every Saturday night was a sell out or 10K.

    I guarantee Portland would not be the worse fans, like the Best of the West told us this week.

    Our fans are the most knowledgable fans in the game, besides the fans in Medicine hat. We ( the fans) are just penialized for the crap on the ice.

    Andy: what are your thougths about the Best of the West results?

  8. Andy thats a load of crap I have been to several games this year and there is no way we average 3400 a game if we did they would announce the attendance at the game I have only heard it accounced once this year and is was around 3500 and the hawks thank you but who really cars about that 7 million record like Brian says if they gave actual numbers it would matter more. All I really care about is wins so heres looking to next season when hopefully we will play every game all game like I have seen a couple times this year

  9. This is not the beat up on Andy Kemper blog. We established that last year. Knock it off, please.

    On a side note, I was sent an interesting link about the radio voice of the Florida Panthers:

  10. I’ve been to several Hawks home games and seen them on the road several times this year and every game I’ve seen them at home there have been at least 3000 actually in the seats which is a good number considering several team’s (Moose Jaw and Swift Current) arenas don’t even have capacity for 3000 people. As for most knowledgeable in the WHL, I believe thats a bit of a stretch (i.e. attend a Rockets, Blazers, Giants, Hitmen game), but definitely among the most passionate and loyal for sure.

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