Team In Prince George…

dsc00897The bus rolled into the CN Centre parking lot a little after 7:00 this evening after an all-day trip that actually started after the game against Vancouver last night.

We travelled as far as Everett last night, getting to the hotel about 1:20 AM, and then after breakfast, hit the road north a little before 9:00 AM.

The bus stopped in Hope, BC, for a stretch before heading up Highway 1 into the Fraser River Canyon.  It’s a windy stretch of road, but it was nice today as the road was bare and dry and it was a scenic drive.  The view is from the third row of the bus of the Fraser River about 30 Kilometres south of Cache Creek.

A lunch stop in Cache Creek at the Bear Claw Lodge and then the final five hour stretch into Prince George.  Again, no snow on the roads and we made it pretty much on schedule.   All told, it was a 10 hour trip from Everett to PG, which is a long ride…thankfully we had movies and I had the iPod…I couldn’ t imagine doing those long trips in the old days without the amenities we have now.

The team will skate tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM and they’ll have list player prospect Kyle Madsen, a ’92 born d-man, at the skate.  Madsen lives in PG, and plays for the Cariboo Cougars of the BC Major Midget League.

I’ll have the camera going tomorrow and if I can, I’ll post some pics in the afternoon.

That’s it for now…


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  1. The trips up are not too bad, its coming back down that can be killer. (11 hours up from Everett, 20 coming back…and $1200 in car repairs)

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