It seemed fitting…

Sometimes I am amazed at how often I hit the shuffle on my iPod that the first song that comes up fits the situation that I’ve just encountered.   Tonight was no different…as I left the loading dock area under the Rose Garden, I hit shuffle and of the 2112 songs (thats right, Rush fans…there are exactly 2112 songs on my iPod…), the song that came up was “No Surrender” by Bruce Springsteen…

“Like soldiers on a winters night, with a vow to defend…

No retreat, baby…no surrender…”

Tonight it was about not surrendering and in the end, the Hawks break their 12 game losing streak, going 0-9-1-2 in that stretch, with a 3-1 win over the U.S. Division leader, the Tri City Americans.

It was a night that saw the Hawks Ian Curtis play his best game at home in a Hawks sweater, stopping 39 shots, and settling down after he gave up what he called a “stinker” on our post-game show in the first period to Jason Reese.  There were a few scrambles where the puck stayed out and at least three posts behind him, but he stood tall and led the Hawks to the win.

It was also great to see Brad Ross break out of his goal scoring slump with the game winner early in the third period.  He had a great chance to score in the second as well, but Chet Pickard robbed him on a breakaway with a great skate save.

I had a chance talk with Brad’s parents prior to the game and told them I felt Brad was ready to break out and that I had a feeling about the game tonight, and I’m happy that I was right on both.  Maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket…

Also, Riley Boychuk has been very good for Portland the last couple of weeks and his finish on the third goal tonight was spectacular.  You don’t find 6’5″ 210 lb. players with hands like that very often and I hope we see more of that in the coming weeks.

Up next, the Vancouver Giants invade the MC with their lofty record and off a 4-0 shutout of Spokane in the Lilac City tonight.  A tall task, indeed…but it helps going in with this win out of the way and some confidence.

How big would a two-game winning streak be heading to Prince George for the two huge games next week?  I can only dream at this point…but at least the Hawks gave themselves an opportunity to do that…

The “Boss” had it right boys…and maybe this should be the new team mantra…

“No retreat, baby…no surrender…”



  1. Just a liitle update on Bo Montgomery in Medicine Hat. He has played 3 games and register a goal and an assist, and more importantly 2 major fighting penalties, for 12 PIM.

    Look like Bo is playing a little more physical, which is great to see. I have been somewhat hard on his game. I am happy, to see that Bo has returned playing inspired physical hockey on the blue.

    Keep it up Bo.

  2. What’s Bo Montgomery have to do with last nights’s win??? What’s in the past is in the past. Time to move on.

  3. Andy,

    Do you have the means to post youtube highlights of the TC game? All 3 goals were pretty, and with the cameras in the RG they hopefully will come out alright.


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