Tough Loss to Tri City…

Last night was a tough loss for the Winter Hawks…I thought they played one of their best first periods of the season, outshooting the Americans 10-3 and creating scoring opportunities with speed through neutral ice, but the lack of finish showed again and Chet Pickard did enough to keep the puck out of the net.

After the first period, Tri City really put the clamps on and played a solid defensive game – which, IMO, isn’t their forte’ – limiting the Hawks chances down the stretch.

The Ams took advantage of a couple opportunities for their two goals and they roll out of town with the win.

Note to Hawks scheduling committee — don’t schedule the Americans for a game in Portland on January 30, 2010…

Last year, on January 30, 2008 – Americans 4, Portland 0 – Chet Pickard with the shutout.

This year, on January 30, 2009 – Americans 2, Portland 0 – Chet Pickard with the shutout.

Exactly one year between blankings by Pickard and the Ams against the Hawks…

Tonight the struggling Everett Silvertips come in to the MC on a team record eight game losing streak, having gone 0-6-1-1 in their last eight.  They have been outscored 40-12 during that stretch, including a 9-1 loss on home ice to the Spokane Chiefs this past Wednesday.

Portland’s streak is now at 10 straight, a record of 0-8-0-2 during the stretch.  Portland has been outcored 51-23 in the 10 games.

Game notes to follow later today…




    BOO !!

    When are the Hawks going to bring up 15 year old Ty Rattie? He can play 5 games before his team finishes the year? any ideas when?

  2. andy do you know why tickets went up in the middle of a 11 game losing streak???

    it really isnt that much more money, but for a child/student price it is!!!!

  3. I would personally like to thank the person at the Hawk office who came and passed out those stupid blow up noise makers to everyone at the top of section 26 on Saturday night. It wasn’t bad enough that we had a whole section of people dressed in green with their cowbells in section 25, then we got to enjoy the blow up noise makers too. Couldn’t tell if it was a group sitting there or not, and I suppose that is one of the perks to coming as a group. We eventually moved to a section where it was quieter.

  4. A section where it was quieter? I thought the whole building was a mausoleum this weekend.

    What has happened to this team? After the ownership change and up until this losing streak, things were looking up. At one point, we were only 7 points out of a playoff spot. Now we’re just hopelessly lost again. The personnel haven’t changed. Injuries (as far as we know) aren’t to blame this time. I won’t buy the “team funk” explanation.

    Can Mike Johnston figure this out? Can this team pull its head out long enough before March 15th to win 20 games this year (my goal for the team since the ownership change)? Will I bother to re-up my season tickets for next year?

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