Tough Road Loss…

For forty five minutes last night, the Portland Winter Hawks and Seattle Thunderbirds were about as even as two teams could be.  The final fifteen minutes of the second period was the difference as Seattle took advantage of some power play time to take a 2-1 lead and hold on for a 3-1 win.

Greg Scott, who is becoming this years Bud Holloway vs. Portland, scored twice to break the Hawks two game winning streak vs. Seattle.  His first goal was a beauty of a blast from the right circle through a screen and the second was a lucky break as his rebound bounced off a Hawk skate and in.

Portland’s lone goal was a lucky break as well and a dump-in found its way to the front of the net and Max Brandl got his first goal as a Hawk on the backhand.

I thought both goaltenders – Kurtis Mucha and Calvin Pickard – were solid in this one and I felt that Mucha deserved third star recognition over Devon LeBlanc. 

Goaltending Coach Steve Switzer was in town this week working with the Hawks goaltenders and made the trip to Seattle with the team.  The two – Switzer and Mucha – spent much of the trip home reviewing video of the game.

As far as our technical difficulties went, it was a phone line issue somewhere between OR and Kent and we found a work-around just as the game started.  We apologize for the incovenience and we now know how to solve it if it happens again.

It was nice to see a lot of Hawks fans at the game last night and it is definitely nice to take approximately 30 minutes off the trip north. 

Thanks to the boosters for putting together a bus trip, hopefully they can continue to put more of those together as it always great to see a large group of fans sitting together in enemy barns.

While the press box view isn’t the best from basically the goal line at the ShoWare Center, it wasn’t as bad as I had envisioned it in my mind.

The new building is still going through growing pains as the security folks are a bit jumpy about people in their building prior to it opening.  Even though I had a media pass around my neck, I was asked at least four times by different ushers/security about what I was doing.  Everett was the same way for the first year or two…

The only other issue I had was when after the game, a can light fixture fell out of the ceiling and hung by the wire above my head in the radio booth. 

Typical new building issues…I look forward to going back.

Thats it for now…next update from Enterprise…


  1. Looks like the Hawks have inproved on the goals given up on the penalty kill % after Regina gave up 6 power play goals to the Calgary Hitman. I would like the Hawks be in the 28% range by the end of the season, instead of the 32.4% right now.

  2. Thanks Andy, for mentioning that the bus load of fans was at the game. It always feels good to be there for the guys, especially in the unfriendly confines of a T-Bird game – doesn’t matter what building it is in up there. I’m still never going to understand why they feel it is ok to follow their welcome to the ice chant for their team with “Port-Land S%$#ks”. Wonder how they would feel if we did that to them every game when they came down here …
    Our only problem with the new building was that no one seemed to know how to get our friends to the wheelchair section. Then sent us up the elevator and then the people on the second floor sent us back down, then the people downstairs sent us back up, this time with an escort, who showed us how to go back behind the skyboxes to the wheelchair section. Once we got there it was good, just frustrating getting there.
    All in all, a good road trip, even with the loss. Maybe next time….

  3. The Hawks have 3 games left againt Chilliwack and 2 games on the road against Prince George. If the Hawks really want to make the playoffs, or at least give the 8th seed a run for their money, they need to win those 5 games.

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