Technical Difficulties…

We’re having some technical issues at the arena…hope to be on the air soon…



  1. So much for state-of-the-art. I’m looking for my tin can and string. It’s around here somewhere.

  2. Hello Andy:

    After watching the game last night in a new state of the art arena in Kent, ( the place is so much better than the Key), can’t wait until they finish it, but I was disappointed again with the outcome . Another defeat. Giving up 2 power play goals and an empty net goal in the last 30 seconds, I left the special teams reared its ugly head again. So I decided to go “deeper in the numbers”

    We all know the Hawks are dead last in short handed situations: only being successful 164 out of 225 opportunities for a staggering 72.8 %. The Hawks are less than that on the road, only earning a gold star 69.6% of the time on the road. That info every fan new. Here is what else i found out. The Hawks give up 32.4 % of their goals while being short handed. 61 goals surrenders on the PK out of their total goals against of 188 for the year. That seemed rather high.

    However, it a little high, not the highest percentage allowed in the league. Thats only the 5th worst in the league. Behind
    Kamloops 74 goals – 199 total goals = 37.1 %
    Red Deer 60 goals – 174 total goals = 34.4%
    Saskatoon 44 goals – 131 total goals = 33.5%
    Lethbridge 52 goals – 160 total goals = 32.5%
    Portland 61 goals – 188 total goals = 32.4%
    Spokane 29 goals – 92 total goals = 31.5%

    The lowest is Medicine Hat at only 25%. There are a lot of variables, Kamloops have been short handed 79 more times than the Hawks. While Saskatoon has a great PK % at 83%.

    Is it the defense? goaltending? or the forwards? Its everyone responsibility. The penalty kill unit needs to improve, that we know, the Forwards have to fight a little harder and be a little quicker, the defense has to be a little smarter and stronger, and the goalie have to control rebounds better. Something to look at for the final 25 games or so .

    Your thoughts?

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