Perspective is Everything…

It has been interesting to browse around the Internet and read the take on the escapades between the Lethbridge Hurricanes and Medicine Hat Tigers.   Nothing like a little perceived showboating followed by a multi-fight scenario to rouse people up.

I’ve watched the video and it did appear that Kyle Beach taunted the Tigers a bit before he filed the empty net goal that led to a Tiger (Tyler Ennis, I believe) throwing his stick at Beach and then Tigers d-man Matt McCue tuning former Winter Hawk Colton Sceviour.  The McCue incident prompted two ‘Canes (Dwight King and Craig Orfino) to leave the bench to join the fray.

Being an analytical sort, I always look at what would of happened if the roles had been reversed.  What if it was Ennis that taunted before scoring the empty netter?  Would the end result have been the same?  Would fans/bloggers make such a big deal out of it?

Beach has a reputation for being an agitator and he brings a lot of attention to himself for his actions – both good and bad. 

Like most things, this got blown out of proportion and out of  perspective by those most passionate about their teams.  It sounds like it even cost the Color Analyst of the ‘Canes, Dick Gibson, his broadcast job for making some questionable comments while it was occurring.

In the end…this would have been avoided if Beach just would have skated it down the ice and dumped it in the empty net like 99% of the players in the WHL would have…without making a spectacle of himself.

And, speaking of color guys…having been one myself for three years with Scooter…I find that the ones that I like the best are the ones that provide timely information with a small mixture of editorial content.  I would rather have someone explain to me the situation than to just say “the referee missed that call”.   Why?  What happened?  Was he out of position?  Was his vision blocked?  Give me details…

At this level, color guys make virtually nothing and do it for the enjoyment of it.  I doubt any have any grand illusions of being the next addition to the Hockey Night in Canada staff, but we would all jump at the chance.   When I did color, all I got for payment was a CHL Media Pass and free parking.

To me, that role was about the three E’s – educate, entertain and enlighten – and stay out of Scooter’s way.  This blog was titled “After The Whistle” because that was when I got  the chance to talk most nights – after the play had stopped and before the next faceoff.  

Lastly, and most importantly I think, don’t overreact to anything that happens…be prepared and stay level-headed. 

Know what you want to say and say it clearly with brevity and in terms that anyone with even a small amount of hockey knowledge would understand.

End rant…

Next up, the Hawks invade the new ShoWare Center in Kent tomorrow night…game notes to follow tomorrow…



  1. The Gibson Incident causes me to appreciate your even keel approach to broadcasting. Was Gibson let go by the station or by the Hurricanes?

    I’m starting to think of Beach as the Teflon-player. Frequently he creates the ruckus, but nothing (penalties/discipline) sticks.

  2. I guess you can’t say crap, or garbage on the radio…… Socialism out of Canada maybe?

  3. Beach does bring the best out of a broadcast. Crap is an accurate description of Beach’s antics. As a fan in the stands watching, I have said many other unbroadcastable comments (quietly too myself) watching beach.

    This was not a fireable act…just a broadcaster who got a little too excited and said “Crap” a few too many times.

    Definition of Crap:

    Something of poor quality.

    Something that is rubbish; nonsense.

    and lastly,

    a euphemism for shit.

    If analyst Dick Gibson would have thrown in a few more words like “unsportsman like crap,” childish crap. No he went to the “absolute crap” comment.

    Once it is “absolute” you can’t go back.

    Your fired.

  4. Ennis wouldn’t have showboated.

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