An Excursion to Enterprise…

enterpriseThe photo is of farmland just outside of Enterprise, OR, in the valley surrounded by the Wallowa Mountains. 

The Portland Winter Hawks will be taking a side trip to Enterprise early next week to help instruct physical fitness courses at the local school and to run a practice on the outdoor rink in the middle of the small Northeastern Oregon city.

The Hawks will be there on Tuesday of next week in preparation for their game in Tri City on Wednesday night.

I’m looking forward to this trip as it will be a nice excursion to allow the players to play a little pond hockey and for folks like me to witness it.  Something tells me it will be a bit colder and whiter than the above picture shows…

I’ll have the digital camera with me, snapping some photos…

The Hawks will be without Brad Ross for the game on Saturday night in Kent as he picked up an one game suspension for his major penalty on Saturday night against Kamloops that knocked Kenton Dulle from the game.

Dulle did play the next night for Kamloops…



  1. That was not a deserved 5 min major for checking from behind. Hard to believe that knocked Dulle out of the game.

    Make sure that you post some images from Enterprise. It would be even better to see them on the website and in the Oregonian.


  2. Thats a good thing the Winterhawks are doing in Enterprise this upcoming week.

    I agree with my friend KBH on that hit from behind. No way that deserves a one game suspension.

  3. dose anyone know the time of the Game on the 27th??

  4. I really enjoy your photographs about life in the dub. I do have a question about what is the colour on the ground behind the fence. I can’t remember seeing it before.

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