Monday Thoughts…

In a lot of ways, that was  a weekend that I’d rather forget…two losses by more than three goals and trying to call two games while fighting a cold and a persistent cough.  Thankfully, we have a few days off before heading North to the Hawks first game in the new ShoWare Center in Kent on Saturday.

On the positive, it was great to reacquaint with a lot of the players parents and to meet some that I hadn’t met before.  As the primary voice for the team, I take a great responsibility in delivering the game broadcasts to not only the fans of the team, but the parents as well.  I received a lot of compliments, and while that isn’t why I do this, it is always nice to hear.  It made a bad weekend on the ice a little bit better.

Due to  a wonky voice, I bowed out of being the MC for the Hawks skill challenge yesterday, but I did watch the festivities from the bleachers at Mountain View.  I enjoyed it, and it most certainly would have been better if the microphone had worked better,  but it appeared that the players had a good time.

I don’t have the official results, as I didn’t keep track, but from memory:

Hardest shot – Ryan Kerr (93 mph) – in a challenge after Brett Ponich posted 92.

Fastest Skater – Brad Ross (I believe around 13.97…)

Accurate Shot – Joel Ridgeway (only player to hit all four targets)

3-on-0 challenge – Brad Ross/Brett Ponich/Joe Morrow (~3 goals in 36 seconds)

Goaltender Challenge – Ian Curtis (stopped all 12 breakaways)

Kurtis Mucha did not take part due to his illness as well as Radim Valchar…

Ian Curtis kind of stole the show yesterday making some Hasek-esque sprawling saves in the breakaway drill and the 3-on-0 drill. 

One thing about Curtis, he may have the best pokecheck I’ve seen from a Winter Hawks goaltender in a  long time…

Keith Hamilton also showed well, allowing 2 goals on 12 chances on the breakaway drill.

If you haven’t heard, the Stark Street Pizza Booster Event on January 26 will be a Town Hall style event with new Winter Hawks President Doug Piper.  It will run from 7-8 PM, and the admission is $3 at the door. 

Here is a chance to ask questions of the new business management and I hope that a lot of folks attend.

It should be enlightening…

That’s it for now…



  2. I would have to say that it was a very good showing from Ian. Andy hit it right on the head I think that Ian shows alot of promise as a up and coming net-minder and would love to see him there on occasion at home.

  3. As always the skills challenge was entertaining but i have to admit out of the five I have been to it was the least enjoyable (nothing against the players just the little details). I have a few suggestions to make for next year and hopefully this gets through to somebody that has some influence. First off we need a microphone that WORKS!!! I would have rather just watched with no announcing then with that annoying cutout. Also I liked when each team had a microphone so they could talk a little trash to eachother, it made things extra exciting. For the sharpshooting, return to the old sheetrock targets. With the old targets they could partially hit it and it would count. With the nets I seen multiple players shoot at a corner that with the old targets would have already been broken. When they do the goalie shootout, it is a MUST that one player at a time goes, it takes the fun out of that challenge when you can only watch one player and you miss the other. I think they should also look into getting a lazer for the fastest skater so the time isnt being measured off of a huimans reaction time in pushing the stop watch button.

    Now that im done with suggestions I have a question.

    When Matt Davidson set the fastest lap in 1997, was it at the coliseum? (if i remember right the coliseum rink is something like 5 feet shorter)

  4. Well is Mucha ok?? What’s he got?? Is he ok??

  5. Andy,

    I sure would love to see our boys stand up in front of Ian Curtis.

  6. Mucha has a head cold.

  7. Andy – since I left the Hawks microphone, I have not once had a bad throat…and everyone knows I battled it a lot when I was voice of the Hawks….So, I have concluded that wear and tear and the incubator of germs they call the iron lung definitely had a role….my recommendation – lots of Ricola lozenges and lemon tea with honey….The honey is sticky and messy, but it works.

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