Some Quick Notes…

Just a few minutes before I have to head down to the MC to catch the bus for the trip to Spokane…

First off…congratulations to former Hawk Assistant Coach Brian Pellerin on his new position as Head Coach of the Amarillo Gorillas in the CHL.  Pelly played for the Gorillas before retiring and coming to Portland as the Assistant.

Someone asked about how Kurtis Mucha ranks on the all-time WHL list for stats, here are a couple:

Minutes Played:

Kurtis Mucha – 10,089

WHL Record – Kyle Moir – 12,774


Mucha – 5,126

WHL Record – Danny Lorenz – 6,598

Games Played:

Mucha – 177

WHL Record – Moir – 233

Goals Allowed:

Mucha – 624

WHL Record – Lorenz – 974

I haven’t got any updates on the Max Brandl immigration status…once I do, I’ll pass them along.

Don’t forget, you can watch the Tri City Americans take on the Chilliwack Bruins tonight on FSN at 7:00.

The Portland/Spokane game will be on FSN on Friday night from the Rose Garden.  Ian Furness and John Kirby with the call…I’ll be on radio that night with Mark Ertle as Kevin Flink is unavailable to fill in on radio as he had other commitments.

The Winter Hawks skills challenge is this Sunday at 4:00 at Mountain View Ice Arena.  There is no charge to get in.

This coincides with parents weekend for the players…

That’s it…gotta run…next update from in the Inland Empire of Spokane…


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