Remembering Dave Francis…

The bright lights of Las Vegas are burning a little dimmer tonight…

We learned after the game tonight that Dave Francis, Chris’ Father, passed away today in Las Vegas.

Dave had sufffered a stroke late last week and Chris went home to see his Dad on Sunday, returning today to Kamloops to play against the Blazers.

I got to know Dave over the past couple of seasons and you will never meet a more open, generous, caring man.

My plan after the game was to post thoughts about the game, but right now, all my thoughts and prayers are sent to Chris and him Mom, Cindy.

Rest in peace, Dave…you will be missed by many…



  1. Gods speed Dave!!!

  2. I know he will be missed by many but my family will truly miss him when not seeing him at the games and knowing he will not be there in the future.

    He was a pleasure to talk to each and every time he came up to Portland. I looked forward to seeing him each year at training camp and the start of a new season. He always seemed to be having a good time and loved to be around a hockey rink.

    He had a wealth of stories to share and insight on hockey. I will always treasure my trip with him and Cindy to Tri-Cities to watch the game and I will always remember the fun time and memories we had stopping at Multnomah Falls on the way.

    He will always be remembered on and off the ice. He will be remembered by me each time I come to a game at the old MC. Our family prayers and condolences go out to Cindy and Chris.

  3. RIP Dave, thoughts with Chris and the rest of his family

  4. I’m Dave’s little sister. Dave loved this sport and was so very proud of Chris. Cindy and Chris were the loves of his life.
    I will miss my brother very much.

    Thanks to all of you who cared for him.

  5. I just learned of Dave’s passing. I just want to remember him by sharing my story with all that pass this website.

    Back this past May, I decided to take up refereeing hockey. I just had one big obstacle, I have never skated in my life. Dave was there for me. Giving me encouragement, giving me tips. I heard the bad news from Rob, the Ice Arena Manager here via e-mail. (I work for Fiesta Rancho in the Accounting department.) In the e-mail Rob wrote, “Two weeks ago he told me how much you improved your skating sense you first started and enjoyed when you came into the shop.” This statement was bitter-sweet. It made me feel oh so good, yet, I hated the fact that I heard about his difficulties.

    I remember when I first laced my skates up in front of him; which was just so “sloppy.” He got down on one knee and tells me, “Let me show you how to lace those up like a true hockey referee.” Sure enough, I still use what he showed me today.

    Over time, Dave would sharpen or bake my skates. No charge for a friend. He would always kid around with the younger skaters that he always wanted a pepperoni pizza so he can bake it in the skate bake oven. Once I passed my hockey referee test and the training seminar, I gave him a certificate to go to a local pizza parlour for a pizza. I did it as a thanks for everything he had done for me to help me achieve the first of many goals.

    Dave had a special connection with the younger skaters. They would always come into the shop to say “Hi” to Dave and to see if Dave had some candy. They loved him like a uncle. Dave always had that piece of candy for the kids and I think he just loved the sight of the children with a smile on their face, either for that piece of candy or to fit them to a brand new pair of skates.

    So today and every day in the future, when I pass the pro shop and lace up my skates, I will think about Dave. I thank god that I had the opportunity to meet such a knowledgeable and caring friend. It may have been a short time, but I will cherish the time I got to know him.

    God Bless You, Dave. You will be missed.

  6. RIP Mr. Francis. Although I did not know you personally, I know many a great hockey dad’s just like you including my own! And to Chris, I hope that you get through these tough times remembering all the great times and all the love you had for your dad. Hopefully continue to play hockey will help. I am sure that is where your dad would want you to be.

  7. Condolenses and prayers to the Francis family.

  8. Dave always had time to say hi, chat about Chris and hockey. I will never forget the first time we had the pleasure of meeting Dave, at the Rose Garden during Chris’ 17 year old season. From then on he was always a pleasure to see around the MC or on the road.

    Chris and Cindy, nothing can be said to make the hurt go away. Dave was a positive part of your lives and as long as you keep him in your heart, he will be there. Our prayers go to you in your time of need.

  9. to chris and family my familys prayers are with you carl

  10. Chris it is never easy to lose a loved one especially at such a young age. Remembering the good times with your dad will help when you are down as he will never forget the cherished time he had with you. Condolenses to you and your family

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