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dsc00853Just a few minutes to post before heading to the team breakfast and then we load the bus and head North to Kelowna.

Here’s a pic from the press box as the Hawks mob Ian Curtis after the win in Spokane last night.

The consensus after the game, it was an ugly win, but a win none-the-less. 

Curtis was solid, and saved his best save for the final 30 seconds when he made a diving stop to keep the Chiefs from tying the game.

For me, it was a rough night as we continued to have phone line issues and I was forced to use a normal telephone to call the last ten minutes.  Hopefully the quality wasn’t that bad.

The radio station will have the phone line for our mixer connection checked early in the week and hopefully by Wednesday it won’t be an issue.

Congrats to Troy Rutkowski on his four assist night to help lead Team Pacific to their 6-5 OT win over USA at the World U17’s.  We are hoping to make it to Kelowna in time to watch the Gold Medal game on the TV this afternoon.

Gotta run…next post from Kelowna…


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  1. Hello Andy:

    Your right a win is a win but whenever you can get 2 points on the road you will take it.

    I love going to Spokane to watch hockey, its a great city and a good arena to watch a game. The Hawks were completely dominated in the first 20 minutes and Ian Curtis played larger than his 6’5″ frame. By the way, he is quite imtimidating between the pipes, especially in the red sweater, I don’t remember a Winterhawk goalie being so BIG.

    After the first period, the Hawks played okay, with the best player being Ian Curtis. Congrats to Killian Hutt,who had 2 assists and made a lot of great plays on the ice. He really stepped up his game while Brad Ross had been out of the line up playing in the U17 tournament.

    Hawks and Sawyer Mick pick up a charity goal in the 3rd period when the Chief defense slipped down, but he still has to put the puck in the net.

    I know the Chiefs are missing 4 forwards and their top goalie because of the holiday tournament, but the Hawks took advantage of their opportunities. A good sign for this young team. It was good to hear Chief fans complain. It made me smile while enjoying the $5 beer.

    Happy Travels, I will not be able to go to Kelowna. should be a happy breakfast. I will enjoy some of the snow here is Spokane for another day before heading back to Oregon.


    P.S. My friend in Sherwood, told me they could not hear you Andy last night on 1550, but the Chief broadcast on 1510 came in loud and clear. Thats a little sad.

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