It is offiical…the WHL will be shown on Fox Sports Net, the first time that the WHL will be shown on regional TV in the Pacific Northwest.

Six games will be shown (go to www.whl.ca for the details), including two games including the Portland Winter Hawks – December 31 vs. Seattle and January 16 vs. Spokane.

The broadcast crew for the game on 12/31 will feature Ian Furness providing play-by-play and yours truly providing color commentary.  Kevin Flink will step in for the radio broadcast that night with Mark Ertle.

I do want to make a comment that none of this would have come about if not for the extreme hard work and dedication of John Kirby.  Kirbs started the conversation with FSN this past summer, getting all the people talking with the league and it finally came to fruition.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for Kirby) he is on a cruise through the Panama Canal and he will miss the broadcast on 12/31.

This will hopefully open the door for more games on FSN in the future.


  1. “the first time that the WHL will be shown on regional TV in the Pacific Northwest.”

    I don’t think this is correct. FSN showed a few games in the early 90s (when it was Prime Sports Northwest–regional enough that I saw it in Pullman). I remember Portland-Seattle from (I think) the old arena, Joaquin Gage in goal for Portland.

    Probably none of the people from the WHL or from FSN were around back then.

  2. Also I remember watching the Hawks against the Tacoma Rockets too, but I cant remember what station it was on. This is great news, its easier to promote the Hawks in the 90’s when they were winning a few more games.

    Thanks Mr. Kirby, I hope he gets to do some color on the T.V. I think he does a great job.

    Doesn’t Ian Furness work in Seattle? at least we have Andy will represent the Portland Winterhawk side.

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night

  3. Hey Andy! Congrats on the FSN gig. What’s up with Ian Furness? I met him 100 years ago when he was the voice of the Thunderbirds on KIRO. What’s he doing now??


  4. Thanks Rod…Ian Furness did PBP for Tri City in the WHL, the Utah Stars in the AHL before moving to Portland to be a sports talk radio host on 1080 The Fan for a few years.

    He has since relocated back to Seattle where he works for KJR on their sports talk format.

    Ian also does work on Portland Trail Blazer post-game shows on Comcast SportsNet.

    I look forward to working with Ian again as he loves hockey and always does a great job.

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