Comparison…Part 2…

I had someone ask me about the number differences under the new regime vs. the old regime….so, here they are:

Since October 31st, the first game under Mike Johnston & Travis Green:


Before:  2-12-0-0, 4 points, .143 winning percentage

After:  6-12-1-0, 13 points, .342 winning percentage

Goals For:

Before:  21 in 14 games, 1.50/game

After:  47 in 19 games, 2.47/game

Goals Against:

Before:  64 in 14 games, 4.57/game

After:  73 in 19 games, 3.84/game

Shots For: 

Before:  356 in 14 games, 25.43/game

After:  543 in 19 games, 28.58/game

Shots Against:

Before:  508 in 14 games, 36.29/game

After:  650 in 19 games, 34.21/game

Power Play:

Before:  9 for 78, 11.5%

After:  10 for 72, 13.9%

Penalty Kill:

Before:  49 of 73, 67.1%

After:  63 of 79, 79.8%

There you go…

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