Monday Wrap…

It’s nice to be home again after a rough week on the road. 

It started with me feeling like garbage and ended with five losses in five games over seven nights.  Trust me, I’ve had better weeks.

A few random thoughts:

It was great to work with John Kirby again on Saturday night at the Key Arena.  We had hoped to have the Scooter with us that night as well, but he had family obligations (like his Son’s birthday is more important than calling a game with me and Kirbs…sheesh!).

We’re hoping to have all three of us on a broadcast sometime before the season is over, depending on scheduling and Scooter’s suspect priorities.

Saturday was, most likely, the last game to be played between Portland and Seattle in the actual city of Seattle as the new Showare Center at Kent is reaching completion.  It sounds like they will put the ice surface in on December 1st and then tear it out and put it in again on December 4th, just to make sure that it works and they have one full transition under their belts.

Their goal is for the December 27th game against Portland to be the first game in the new building.  I’m looking forward to it…even if the radio broadcast booth is in the corner, and not at center ice.

I had a couple questions about Ryan Kerr’s status and all I can offer is that he has been a scratch due to Coach’s decision. 

One more road game, on Friday in Everett, before the longest home stand of the season – six games in December.

Two of the next three home dates are in the Rose Garden (11/29 vs. Seattle and 12/5 vs Calgary), marking the first games in the Garden since 3/17/07 when the Hawks knocked off Seattle 4-3 skating on green ice and wearing Portland Buckaroo jerseys. 

All-time, the Hawks have played 185 games in the Rose Garden, going 92 – 71 – 15 (T) – 5 (OTL) – 2 (SOL), for a winning percentage of .557.

On Thursday night of last week, I decided to take in the movie “Role Models” at the Everett Mall Cinema and after buying my ticket and walking in to the theater lobby, I look at the snack counter only to find the entire Winter Hawk team with Assistant Coach’s Travis Green and Kyle Gustafson.

Very funny movie…even if I did have to share the theatre with 25 hockey players.

From the interesting statistic of the day category…

Here is the Winter Hawks shooting percentage by period so far in 2008-09:

1st period – 12 goals on 219 shots — 5.5%  (Last year – 6.7%)

2nd period – 16 goals on 253 shots — 6.3% (Last year – 8.1%)

3rd period – 24 goals on 220 shots — 10.9% (Last year – 6.0%)

Overtime – 1 goal on 2 shots — 50.0% (Last year – 0.0%)

Opponents shooting percentage:

1st period – 35 goals on 308 shots — 11.3% (Last year – 10.5%)

2nd period – 40 goals on 315 shots — 12.6% (Last year – 10.2%)

3rd period – 36 goals on 282 shots — 12.8% (Last year – 11.1%)

Overtime – 0 goals on 1 shot — 0.0% (Last year – 10.0%)

To keep the statistical comparison going…through 26 games, this is where the team stands vs. last year:

Record – 7-19-0-0 (14 points) – Last year – 5-21-0-0 (10 points)

Goals For – 53 (Last year – 53)

Goals Against – 111 (Last year – 106)

Shots For – 694 (Last year – 620)

Shots Against – 906 (Last year – 1041)

Power Play – 15 for 127, 11.8% (Last year – 13 for 131, 9.9%)

Penalty Kill – 92 of 130, 70.8% (Last year – 119 of 156, 76.3%)

Short Handed Goals For – 4 (Last year – 4)

Short Handed Goals Against – 4 (Last year – 8)

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving (for my readers in Canada…enjoy working on Thursday!) as  I will only be posting any breaking news (if there is any) until Friday’s pre-game notes.

That’s it for now…



  1. Obviously kerr is not in the teams plans. If he was smart he would leave and find a team that will play him on a regular basis. He’s waisting his time in portland. He won’t have a problem finding a new team. Veteran d-man are in short supply this year.

  2. Have a good Thanksgiving, Andy!

  3. Hi from one of the Canadians Andy! Shelly from Alberta. (Ryan’s Mom). Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, hope the turkey is good and tasty. All is going good, Ryan is in good spirits and having fun. They have won 2 and lost 1 since he started playing. Up again on home ice on Saturday which we will be going to. We still are very much watching how Portland is doing and hope that they can come back! Go Winterhawks go!

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