A Day of Remembrance…

unknown_soldierToday is designated as the Veterans Day Holiday in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada.

North of the border, it is honored by the wearing of Red Poppies, and as in this picture of the Red Poppies being placed on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National Cemetary in Ottawa.

In the US, we honor those that have fought, and are still fighting, to defend our country.  Their sacrifice and bravery will not be forgotten and I think of them each time that I pass by the memorial outside the lower level of the Memorial Coliseum as I enter that building.

My Father served in the Korean conflict in the early 1950’s and two of his older brothers served in World War II, all returning home safely after their tours of duty had ended.  His oldest brother was part of the invasion at Normandy.

purpleheart2bw1My Father did suffer an injury during battle and was awarded the Purple Heart for being injured while serving.

He never talked much about the War, other than to state that he was very lonely and missed being on the family farm with his six brothers.  And that it was very cold during the winters in Korea.

He passed away due to complications from cancer at the age of 61 in 1992, and I still think of him every day.

I honor him today and all of the other brave servicemen who have fought and all too often, have given their lives for their country.



  1. Andy, thank you for bringing Veterans Day to your blog. All of our military (our fellow citizens) has distinguished itself as a resolute defender of our nation’s freedom. They are all heroes and deserving of our faithful support. My deepest thanks and appreciation to all our vets both living or forever in memory.

    Thanks for also mentioning your Dad. Mine passed in 2005 without ever saying a whole lot about World War II. I think of him everyday, too.

    My Dad was involved in the invasion of Guam and was assigned to an ammunition ship near the battleship California. He was a US Navy Seabee, and, upon landing, was involved in the build-up & functioning of port operations as the Navy turned Guam into the forward supply base for the coming naval attacks on The Phillipines, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and Japan.

    God bless them all.

  2. Andy, very warming – thanks. I think every person has somone in their family somewhere down the line and can relate to you on some level. I was also moved by a piece I saw on network news last night about the 100 mile trail people who line up in Ontario for those making their final journey from the air base to the cemetary, after making the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of a very grateful Canadian nation. Everyone from on duty fireman to school children to fellow soldiers, without any prompting whatsoever, line overpasses, side streets, etc to bid fond farwell to brave men and women who have died in the Afghan conflict. I think in general they value military service to their country alot more than some do down here (my opn only). In any case I found it hard to keep a dry eye for the moms, sisters, grandparents,etc of all of ese fine people. It is truly a shame each and every time we lose one of these brave souls. I think it would be a wonderfully magnaimous gesture if sometime this season (perhaps u already do so) the Hawks let any military member past or present and a compagnion in through the turnstiles at no charge as a way of paying it forward. I think there would be tremendous good-will worth for the organiztion in doing so…

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