Hawk Talk on Vancouver Radio

I will be a guest of Dave Sheldon on his Thursday night Hockey Show on 650 CISL radio in Vancouver, BC, this evening from 7:30 to 7:45.

You can listen live at http://www.650cisl.com/, and I’d suggest tuning in for the whole hour (starting at 7:00) as Dave and crew put on a great show.

Hope you can tune in…


  1. But….but…it’s not Monday! ;-)

  2. Yesterday, Mike Johnston was on CKNW and I listened to as much as I could while working. A couple of points that stood out to me…

    1. He was contacted about this job the day the Kings announced Terry Murray as their head coach, which was back on July 18.
    2. When asked about the relationship with the Blazers, Mike went on to say Gallacher has a great relationship with them. They then talked about playing at the Rose Garden this year and when asked about the number of games played in the RG vs MC next year, Mike answered; ‘Half/Half’.

  3. D-oh! I meant Thursday…guess I am used to our show being on a Monday night before.

    I corrected it…

  4. GZ Expat:

    Just a heads up, you can listen to the whole interview with Johnston at your liesure from CKNW… go their site, hit the “audio vault” link and enter the date/time (Weds 29th, 11pm). If I remember right, his interview starts about 13 mins in. Definitely worth listening to the whole thing.

  5. Andy, what is thebest way to get in contact with you regarding hockey club related questions – askandy?

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