Press Conference…

I will be at the press conference tomorrow from 11:00 to 1:00 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Downtown at 3rd and Morrison…I will post some thoughts tomorrow afternoon or evening.

I think it is safe to say that I am, and will remain, the radio voice for the Winter Hawks for the foreseeable future.  I look forward to working with Bill Gallacher, Mike Johnston, Travis Green and the rest of the new group as the team looks to regain its place as a premier team in the Western Hockey League.

I have seen this team in the great times, the good times and the downright lousy times over the past 32 years…the changes aren’t going to be easy and the results won’t come overnight.  But, I believe, with the commitment of this new group and the leadership in the front office, the team will return to where everyone wants it to be.

This has been a tough few months…it is time to move forward.

Thank you for continuing to read this blog and supporting this team.


  1. Hang in there man…I love the optimism. It can ONLY get better. I live a long, long ways away, but continue a love for hockey and for the Indian head in Portland…the past couple of years have been brutal to read about. The demise of such a proud organization was swift and complete…let’s hope these guys can help right the ship.

    I’m on a biz trip later next month and you can be sure I will show my support and pop for a few tix for myself and friends to come and see the boyz play. Just play hard boyz…I don’t care if you win or lose at this point…just play like you mean it.

  2. I’m glad they’ve made the right decision in keeping you behind the mic.

    Hopefully you’ll soon have a time where you can worry about technical aspects of the broadcasts and how in the hell to pronounce the opponent’s Euro player’s names rather then what’s happening in the team’s offices. Holy run on sentence. =)

    I hope you and the boys can keep your head up… seems like now we finally know what direction the team is heading. It may finallt be in the right direction.

  3. Good news, Andy – I normally come to games, but when I can’t or ya’all are “on the road”, I do listen…. Keep getting excited over all of the Hawks goals and almost-goals….
    some people around here must ever have listened to Mike Haynes, who did pbp for the CO Avalanche on radio and now on the local TV station there in Denver…. He was great as well as being a terrific and upstanding person!
    I think most fans do love that energy. Good luck and happy to have you behind the mic!

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