Back Home…

The bus rolled into the Coliseum lot around 3:30 this afternoon after a nearly 17 hour bus ride from Swift Current…I am too mentally and physically tired to expand on anything tonight…more tomorrow.



  1. Andy,

    Thank You for your hard work on bringing the road home to us. Indeed the players who had to have had the roughest 10 days from home with the news spreading league wide about changes.

    It must have been near impossible to have kept their heads straight during the games and I wonder what the feeling was in the bus with 17 hours of driving knowing that after your broadcast where you said goodbye to the coaches, that the word was out of the bag that the trio wouldn’t be back collectively.

    Though I doubt you’ll comment publicly on what happened ( you might mention in confindence groups), it is a tough time and a tough trip to take.

    Things will get better!

  2. Good job on the road, welcome back home!

  3. Welcom back Andy and Hawks, keep your heads up and your attitude focused in the right direction, change is good sometimes, like right now !!!

    GO HAWKS !!!!

  4. nice job Andy!

  5. For those of you that attack Andy let’s be clear. Andy you are an intelligent man who is passionate about the Hawk, and works hard to bring us what he does while trying to do a professional’s job. You stepped in with little notice and less preparation to fill a void.

    Let’s hope that the new ownership will retain you in your more comfortable job as color commentator and bring in a professional broadcaster to assist you. Next to Scooter and Ron Ross you are by far the next best we have had. Thanks for your keeping us informed.

  6. Hey Rob:
    I did not think anybody was attacking Andy. Was that a back handed compliment telling Andy your better or more comfortable as a color commentator and bring in a professional broadcaster? Hey Rob, Andy is a professional broadcaster! I love your last comment too, Next to Scooter and Ron Ross you are by far the “next” best. Thats all we have ever had, besides John Kirby. who I believe is better than Ron Ross, just my opinion. I can’t forget Kevin Flint, who has a great voice, and did a great job, when Winterhawks were on TV.

    Thanks for your comments and support Rob: —– I think …….

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