In Regina…

After an off-day that featured a team skate and then a fairly short bus ride, the team arrived in Regina around 4:00 yesterday afternoon.  We are at the TravelLodge, and it has a Starbucks in the hotel!  Although, I was getting quite used to Tim Horton’s…but its nice to return to your coffee roots.

The photo is of Hawks rookie goaltender Keith Hamilton taking part in a four-on-four scrimmage at yesterdays skate.  The blur is Assistant Coach Brian Pellerin, who is still one of the best skaters on the ice, but not as fast as the picture dictates.

Hamilton will make his second consecutive start tonight in Regina after picking up the win in Saskatoon on Wednesday.

I will also have an interview with Hamilton for our second intermission show tonight. 


Waiting their turn in a drill is the Hawks d-pair of Troy Rutkowski (left) and Brett Ponich.

Rutkowski scored the game-winner for the Hawks in the OT for his first career WHL goal.  The pairing with Ponich has been most likely the Hawks most effective defense pair so far in the early part of the season.

To think that they are only 16 (Rutkowski) and 17 (Ponich) is quite remarkable and it builds hope for the future of the blue line.  Add in Joe Morrow (16), David Watt (17), and Daniel Johnston (16) and it looks even better IMO.

The only downfall of travelling with a bunch of teenagers is the choice of movies/shows on the bus.  Yesterday we were subjected to a couple of hours of the HBO show “Flight of the Conchords“.  I’m pretty sure my IQ dropped a few points on the 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Regina.

I’ll post game notes and the Brandt Centre press box photo later today…



  1. 1. You need an iPod so you don’t subject yourself to these juvenile movies.

    2. I assume Mucha is in the doghouse for the time being?

    3. Good luck in Regina. I hope you guys lose (only because I am a Pats fans).

  2. Gord – I thought in an earlier post you said you would be cheering for both teams!!??

    Thank you for that post, btw – it is nice to hear that our boys get support from other teams fans – we need it!

    Go Hawks – Have fun and play hard tonight.

  3. Yikes…..can’t lose too many IQ points……….:)

  4. thanks for these great pics. any chance after the trip is all said and done you could do a post with all your favorite photos from the trip?

  5. Hey Andy:

    What is your favorite arena on this eastern road trip? I always liked Brandon’s barn. No real reson why.

  6. HawkeyMom…

    We’ll still be cheering for the WH, but the Pats have to come first. I’m sure you understand :)

    I wish the WH nothing but the best. I know things have not been too great for them. Good to see they beat the much-hated Blades lol.

    Despite the WH being a last place team, I don’t think the Pats should take them too lightly. The WH have won 4 of the last five meetings between the two teams!

    On a side note, the Pats will be wearing Pink jerseys in support of breast cancer awareness month. Last year the Pats wore them jerseys, they got their butts kicked, so maybe the starts might be lined up in the WH favour….

  7. nobody plays well in pink. It is tough to intimidate the other team when you are wearing a pink sweater. But good inside information Gord

  8. I’m pretty sure my IQ dropped a few points on the 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Regina.

    Flight of the Conchords is awesome. Everyone should have a David Bowie dream. 3,000 miles of Rush has to have done far more damage.

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