Brief Wednesday Thoughts…

It’s amazing how long a 90 minute bus ride can seem when your team gets shut-out 7-0 like the Hawks did last night in Prince Albert.

I turned on the iPod, put Rush on shuffle, and tried to close my eyes and forget what just happened…but it wasn’t going to happen and I spent much of the trip back to Saskatoon looking out the window at the dark Saskatchewan sky.

If it is this hard on me…I can’t imagine how hard it is on the players and Coaches…and I let them have their space today, deciding not to do any player interviews following last night.  I will talk to Rich Kromm, like normal, for our pre game show tonight.  It will be interesting to hear his thoughts.

We’re about 45 minutes away from leaving for the Credit Union Centre to take on the red-hot Saskatoon Blades.  Rookie Keith Hamilton is scheduled to make his first career WHL start in net for the Hawks and we’ll see if the defense and forwards play better in front of him than they have in front of Kurtis Mucha lately.

I heard rumblings of maybe a shake-up in the forward lines as well, and I’ll confirm that with the Coach at the rink.

One thing that has been a constant since the start of this trip is that every, and I mean every, conversation with a fan, broadcaster, usher, hotel employee, has included something about the sale of the team.  And, quite honestly, being out on the road has kind of insulated us from any real news about what is going on in either Portland or Calgary…and that is probably the best.

Rest assured that I am getting tired of saying “I don’t know” when asked about potential changes, and I’ll be happy when it is done and we can move on…regardless of what happens.

After tonight, we’ll stay in Saskatoon through practice tomorrow before heading to Regina later on Thursday.  The Hawks will take on the Pats on Friday, head to Swift Current on Saturday and then back to Portland and the great unknown.

The ghost trip continues…

I’ll post game notes later from the rink…



  1. Best of luck with the rest of the trip. Thanks for keeping us up to date with information.

  2. Andy, it seems quite clear even if you won’t admit to, it for obvious reasons that “somethins a float Dickey”.

    I have it on good authority that the new powers that be will be there to “greet the players” when they get off the bus at the MC and explain what’s transpired, and how thing’s are going to be done by the “new boys” going forward.

    I also understand that the current hockey ops people are not going to ba a part of this meeting and/or any other meetings for that matter, going forward this season – i’m sure you get the picture.

    My theory is though that Ken will manage to parachute himself into some sort of senior hockey consulting position, as the new guys arent stupid, and arent going to want to fly blind with regard to personal decisions after paying 7million for the chiefs – i mean Hawks – the similaries are almost too much to take arent they?

    But maybe they’ve already been brought up to speed during the due diligence period? In any case, i think even Ken will have a short shelf-life even if he manages to survive in some capacity in the short term.

    Honestly speaking, Id like to see your recent efforts the last few years rewarded, and Innes remain on, beyond that, most fans have grown tired of the direction things have been going for quite some time, and need to see change/progress now (not neccessarily tons of wins – a few would be nice though) before they’re going to come back to the rink and pay money to watch the Hawks.

    PS If the old (sports franchise pimping, scumb bag) owners still owe you anything you better get while u can, I have a feeling once that Canadian bank draft clears they’ll be gone from these parts never to be heard from again – good ridance!

  3. Drinnan reports Ken’s already cleaned out his office.

  4. Hey Andy, if you get the chance and you think it’s appropriate, let the coaches and boys know that lots of us are thinking about them & this particular experience every day of their trip and we’re hoping for the best.

    I am confident the Hawks will rise again and, the fans who stick with them, will own a magnificent badge of deep & profound loyalty along with the honors that go with it. Much like all of us OSU Beaver football fans who retained their season tickets throughout 28 straight losing seasons, I emerged from that “eternity” of darkness and found there was/is almost nothing on earth that could keep me from Reser Stadium for a home football game.

    Anyway, I’m thinking about all of them with Johnny Cash, Frankie Laine, Marty Robbins, or Gene Autry singing the song Ghost Riders in the Sky:

    “Their brands were still on fire and their hoofs were made of steel, their horns were black and shiny and their hot breath he could feel, a bolt of fear went through him as they thundered through the sky, for he saw the riders commin’ hard, and he heard their mournful cry.

    Yippie-I-a, yippie-I-o, ghost riders in the sky

    Their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred, their shirts all soaked with sweat, they’re ridin’ hard to catch that herd, but they aint caught ’em yet.”

    Go Hawks Go!!

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